the people who live in VRChat are like how young tech geeks were lighting up forums in the early days of the internet - i just know it'll explode as a lifestyle!!

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@toffy not until thoses devices become mass adopted, and that, well, only one company hold everything and every rights on the universe :blobcatOwoEyes:

@Miaourt ah goddarnit - it'll get easier i'm sure! like how phones & computers were clunky and only for rich kids - they'll develop into something so convenient, it'll be easier to use it than not to use it

@toffy also imho VR add very few vs internet as a whole or what online forum brought ig ? Likely less likely to see mass adoption...

@Miaourt it'll ABSOLUTELY see mass adoption once it gets out of teething stage! This is like saying "phones with a touch screen doesnt add a lot - we have phones with keyboards already like the Blackberry"

@Miaourt @toffy I think there's huge potential for VR. Definitely not in the form it is today, but certainly in a less invasive (as in, no need to wear clunky hardware) XR form. It's really an inevitability imo

@wizard @Miaourt heck yeess this is how i see it too!! It's just something i'm super excited to see grow, i've had such good experiences in VR and know it has so so much more potential than.. Fruit Ninja VR!

@toffy @wizard until we have nervegears I don't think it will be enought.......

@Miaourt @toffy nervegears are too clunky even, but some smaller goggles have huge potential. Smart glasses type of thing. Or eye implants.

@wizard @toffy I mean you don't need to move at all for nervegear so who care about cmunckyness

@Miaourt @wizard hmm true, I actually think swapping between IRL/VR would be super important, making that snappy and easy! Helmets will be OUT, cool opaque goggles are IN

@toffy @Miaourt yeah exactly, not being able to move is a bigger hindrance than anything. the biggest benefits of VR are going to be the fact that you'll be able to access it anytime from anywhere, like a smartphone.

@wizard @Miaourt Hell yea, I took some human-computer interaction at uni and PHYSICALITY is so hugely important - Like just popping your glasses on and having your "home screen" be a small room full of interactive objects & inventions would be so good.. just so pleasurable to use & such an easy mental model

@toffy @wizard what I meant is that SAO-like nervegears are like perfect human interface since they intercept everything abd make your brain be _in_ the game

@Miaourt @wizard oh yeah of course that'd be perfect but that's so so so so so far in the future - but regular not-nervegear VR is real and actually exists and can already improve lives if we make it suck less

@toffy @wizard join the fight comrade toffee world will sucks less and everyone will be able to profit from it 🏴

@Miaourt @toffy @wizard unfortunately the only company's seeming to do any significant push for VR are Valve and Facebook

@6a62 @toffy @wizard let's hope deckhard will be affordable like steamdeck

@6a62 @Miaourt @wizard ANGUISH. Let em lead the way, more likely to make a community of cool rogue open-source VR headset creators. Valve and Facebook are like the Windows and Mac. We need, like, the Unix of VR

@toffy @6a62 @wizard unix was big corp too that why Linux Is No UniX was created uwu i’m a little bit skeptical of super-immersive VR because psychosis is definitely Not Fun

@mia @wizard @toffy by the time we would be able to make something truly immersive I bet we will be able to understand when you feel bad abd punch u out of vrverse or just make you horribly addicted to it because there are no strict regulations and no one who will enforce them against Big Tech :cirno_shrug: i mean facebook literally lets you microtarget depressed teens, and all of their products are designed to be extremely addictive and have strong network effects. VR is just going to turn that up to 11 i mean don’t get me wrong, i think VR is super cool and i’d love to try something like that one day

but i’m not sure it’s something that should just be mainstreamed, especially when VR experiences are so heavily commercialized

@wizard @Miaourt My one wish, i REALLY want some that look like Doc's glasses from BTTF2

@toffy It would be fun to get into VRChat.

But I feel like I'm a bit old for the demographic that I usually see on youtube in those communities lol.

@epsi OH YEAH trueee, I went on there with my close friend & we met a ton of people like 20-30, you just have to look in the right places! but you're right it's PLAGUED by annoying ass teens tbqh ahahah

@toffy Yeah I gotta find some primarily 20s+ communities to feel at home there. I'm sure they're there but going through leagues of other communities to find those feels way too weird lmao.

But I love the medium as a whole. I've seen pics of people attending internet "music festivals" there and stuff in their avatars and it seems so incredibly wholesome.

@epsi OMG YESS I'm dying to go to one of those too!! Real big serious artists do them a lott, even big names like Muzzy do VR events every few weeks, it's awesome

@toffy @epsi I DJ in VR sometimes and it's super surreal

@wizard @toffy Damn, if I had a VR set I'd check that out.

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