between u and me on the canvas she is surrounded by the most fucky nsfw stuff ever made & also ankah with a gun

drawing 2, trying to practice perspective?!?!?!! went wrong, will practice more >:3

@hoppet holly u sweetie thank you 馃ズ tryn to be way more dynamic & eventually convey more body language

@toffy <3 yeah for at least the sword i interpreted it as exaggerated perspective to emphasize "woah i have a cool sword." the right arm does look a little off but it's not too bad

@hoppet <3 and YA the right arm is what's killing me i've redrawn it 10000 times AA

@toffy It's so hard to find the right kind of anatomy book when you're self-teaching drawing skills.

@tost AUGHA i love lynn, thanks for the next drawing idea :blobcatBook:

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