spinning mah pen around thinking about what to do with my new server this sexy weekend

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(dumb) The only thing i've done with it is prank my friend because i got the domain "", which this discord embed leads to a jpeg of obama

@6a62 JUST FOR LIKE. FUN WEB STUFF. i'm getting horribly hustle-brained & want to make more viable portfolio stuff

@Stellar @toffy those are upscalers. you'd need something like This Waifu Does Not Exist

@Stellar @icedquinn @toffy waifu2x is just for resizing, deeppomf to pomf your lewds.

you could use to train an ai that could generate waifus, if you give it a large enough source set of waifus.

@icedquinn @Stellar going to generate trillions of waifus like Cookie Clicker & make waifu jpegs a new cryptocurrency thank u

@toffy Ooh, jellies. I haven't stood up a server in too long. What were you thinking of doing with it?

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