lord help my gay ass if i start another factiorio run ill never see daylight again

aa hmmm this weekend i wanna revive my Blog, do I move it from neocities to github pages?! Does anyone use neocities anymore, all my friends that used it have left

why the god fucking damn have they changed the SDL2 wiki, that place was The Epitome of pleasant & usable documentation & they did a modern pass over it im so pissed over this tiny thing

i live so frugally that rent hurts so much worse. like $20-30 a week on food and expenses but renting a box to live in?? that'll be 50 trillion dollΓ³rs

the amount of new vtuber outfit reveals in such a short time is frying my dopamine receptors. as soon as gura's new outfit reveal happens in an hour, my brain is going to overwhelm itself & ill slip into a coma

CLove is a cool project but the author's super coupled it with his own scripting language rather than letting it just be native. Summer project will be forking that project & making it just "love2d but in C"

getting a body pillow was the most dangerous thing ive ever done its so hard to get out of this cozy ass bed

ive been so inactive on here and on discord, i am in the Hell Crunch phase of uni until the 22nd of May sorry for not talking much!!

I hadnt built a Train in Factorio until now like "ah that's overkill just to get some stuff over here" & i had no idea how fuckin Awesome they'd be these own so hard

I've been depression napping all day and now its 8pm, the only thing that got me outta bed is that nyanners started streamin

i got it in my head that writing reports in a goofy font made it less intimidating. I've recently switched to CMU serif and immediately feel more dignified. More productive. hell ive even got good posture

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