i am very humbnly settling for the classic progression of Stone/Iron/Gold/Diamond/Uranium235

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For this bunny game I was like "omg!! it'll be cool to make it so ANY 2 items in the game is a crafting recipe"

but like. if there's 30 base items, and they all make new items, already that's 435 (30 choose 2), recipes/new items. gawd. not to mention like, crafting items with crafted items

in London omg I haven't seen this many people at once since the start of lockdown 😭😭

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Β‘GM! goin to London today, long train journey so gonna take a notepad and think of more ideas for this bunny thing :blobcatBugHunter: :blobcatEvening:

I'm just always happy to use imgui and it always impress me like you really could just make your own Unity with it. goated library

I wanna draw more, I should have my tablet on my desk at all times so if I ever get the urge there's NO friction

some lil autofarm designs :blobcatMeltTears: im happy with this, there's probably more ways to do this! I swear I'm gonna get around to crafting and stuff soon

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Did a lil more bunny stuff today, made pushers! I mixed it up for this and made them only push in a long line. You can also push into other pushers!

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GG STRIVE OWNS this is way simpler than xrd im having so much fun with this lol


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im playing Nekopara Catboy's Paradise & i love all of them but i am trying my best not to make a 100000 post long Dill thread i love him sm its been like 20 mins

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