Really tempted to rent a VPS to play with gitea and fossil :blobcatThinking:

As a programmer, I can say with authority and confidence that the Cleanest Code is 418.

This is production code btw, and has been in the app for quite some time.

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Should I be scared of a regex builder that is used to validate if a password contains parts of that person's id? :blobcatThinkingGlare:

Immediately following that, "build failed, 0 errors".

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Xcode be like "build succeeded, 3 errors".


"What we need is a series of videos that we call The Catrix"

Yes :blobcatReach:

Me: has 100s of hours of podcast, 363 books, 657 movies and 782 animes on the list.

Also me: imma rewatch Shadow of the Crystal Palace for the 40th time.

Yes, this was a complaint.

I'd like mine fuzzy- and cute-sounding, please.

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Whenever someone complains about gender a new one's added?

But who adds them and do they take requests? :bunThinking:

@Miaourt well, I've been using Zig for a side project for a while, so I only read a couple files before jumping ahead to the async section :blobcatPuffyShy:

@Miaourt didn't know about this repo, looks really nice. :blobcatBook:

I'm finally starting to understand suspend/resume and async/await! :bunHop:

Oh no, please don't give me hope for Chrono Break or I'll be thinking about it for the next ten years :blobcatPuffyFearful:

Weirdly enough, this reminds me of dinner. :blobcatDrool:

The stuff I eat at night is less of a meal and more of an amalgamation of what's in the fridge.

I've finally watched Dune! :blobcatAww:

The 1984 one.

Swift is so weird. Never thought I'd miss imports of all things. :blobcatBook:

Spoiler-free rant of Metroid Dread 

I want to like Metroid Dread, but the game is littered with bullshit. I don't even feel satisfied that I got through a challenge, I just think "thank fuck, finally".

The game reeks of bad or purposefully unfair (is there really a difference?) design on most corners. However, it still shines here and there, and these parts are what's keeping me coming back, but they are getting rarer as I progress.

To be fair, I've only played Fusion and a bit of Super Metroid. And, while there were some parts in Fusion that I thought were shitty, it was good overall.

To me, it feels like they took the worst parts of Fusion, made them even worse and shipped a new game.

So yeah, I kinda don't like this game. :blobcatSipSmile:

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