Spoiler-free rant of Metroid Dread 

I want to like Metroid Dread, but the game is littered with bullshit. I don't even feel satisfied that I got through a challenge, I just think "thank fuck, finally".

The game reeks of bad or purposefully unfair (is there really a difference?) design on most corners. However, it still shines here and there, and these parts are what's keeping me coming back, but they are getting rarer as I progress.

To be fair, I've only played Fusion and a bit of Super Metroid. And, while there were some parts in Fusion that I thought were shitty, it was good overall.

To me, it feels like they took the worst parts of Fusion, made them even worse and shipped a new game.

So yeah, I kinda don't like this game. :blobcatSipSmile:

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