If a USB drive (NTFS) is being mounted as read-only on my RasPi and my main PC, does this mean it's about to go puff? :blobcatThinkingGlare:

I'm copying all the stuff and I plan to reformat it as EXT4, but I'm not sure how much can I trust this thing anymore :blobcatSad:

Great, not even a month later and I think my SD card is dying too :bunSad:

Connected to the PC and it Just Works(tm) :blobcatReachSad:

Put it back into the phone and it Just Stops Working (tm) :bunSad:


Replacement flash drive (finally) arrived. :bunHappyHop:

Since this will only ever be used in my RasPi, I wonder if I should try F2FS :bunThinking:

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