xfinity is removing wifi-on-demand passes

i don't want to go back to DSL please god

cookies and cream? no, no no.

cookies and yogurt!


the japanese diet is having a hearing concerning gay marriage. share and boost!!

seeing my friend come out as trans is really awesome

but it makes me wonder once again who i am

remove all windows invalid characters for a smooth transition

find . -exec rename 's/[?<>\\:*|\"]/_/g' {} \;

@fluffy in terms of this category, i have lots but a lot of it is just pwp

Senri ni Kuyuru Hoshizukiyo is the only thing i can think of atm


god i wish that were me

my ""backup"" external drive died today

backup is quoted because it used to be just backups of photos from dead cameras and shit but ended up becoming a main drive for storage so a lot of stuff got lost.

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