@bunni @seiko haven't tried that yet. doesn't work in your regular android emulators either because specific arm code

@absturztaube @seiko android emulators are weird
I don't get how the closed source ones work better than the open source ones.
That's one of the reasons why i have a Windows partition on my pc

@bunni @seiko because the fast ones don't emulate arm and use x86 directly. genshin impact isn't installable on android x86

@absturztaube like i said, that's one of the reasons why i have Windows
And you can't tell me windows and linux can't emulate the same thing. Nox uses virtualbox and that's also on linux.

@bunni my point being that if you have windows you don't need nox to run that particular game

@absturztaube my point being that there are no good android emulators on linux and idk why
Also i was referring to a Windows vm at the beginning, not android

@bunni yes, i was aware of that, hence my "i haven't tried that yet" reply

@bunni ~30fps with spikes. it's playable!

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