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Brutaldon is now my main client on my laptop lol.

JavaScript is unnecessary, this is fun. :blobcatAww:

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Anyone know where I can find the cutie inside T-shirts.

I know I saw a link on fedi somewhere, I think @stux had a shop but I can't remember.

Image Description : Hibiscus leggings, in-between legs is a laptop carrying bag. Keeping off wet ground during a rain storm.

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Image Description : Selfie from chest to feet, wearing hibiscus flower leggings & a unicorn librarian with a rainbow behind the unicorn and text that says "the library is open".

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Image Description: Screenshot of 669 posts counter.

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MAJOR NSFW (Hookup experience) 

Hookup was good.

Small dick; knew how to use it though.

Made me weak in the legs, arms, back & throat.

Loved it. However, I've learned something... Maybe a bit tmi. Lube in your ass & taking a shit feels better than the dick.

8/10 stars~ would bang again~ 😘


Hookup with chunky boi today~ *sends location data to many people just in case*

Excited but nervous πŸ˜‚

Got the call from the surgeon UwU

Everything is going well UmU

Will set up physician and stuff now~ now that I don't have to worry about that~ UwU

Video Description : Smog covering the city of Portland, OR.

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Image Description : Selfie, church in background, making a cute "rawr" face; green mask~

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I wish the entire world used one or two timezones.

One for day & one for night.

No need for all these crazy timezones.

Why doesn't 7-eleven give you your receipt!?

Yes, I want the receipt. No, please don't throw it away. I need that for my cash back apps πŸ˜‚.

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A cool community, I guess.