Exclusive: Valve is making a Switch-like portable gaming PC

I hope this is real. I don't know if _I_ would bother buying it, but if it runs Linux, we could expect more AAA support for gaming. Tired is the excuse of keeping Windows just for games; with the exception of these Windows-kernel-level anti-cheat mechanism, basically everything I've ever wanted has run really well on Linux via Proton (Wine, but targeting games).


@toastal The real kicker is that Easy Anti-Cheat (which is the big one I see) has a Linux version, and most modern engines will happily export for Linux. So, in many cases, it's probably not about it being technically infeasible; it's just that companies don't care enough about the (admittedly small) Linux market to export for Linux.

Granted, it's probably more complicated than just hitting the export button. Maybe Easy Anti-Cheat isn't as plug-and-play as I think and it would be a large endeavor to swap it out for a Linux build. Plus I'd imagine each extra export would greatly increase the amount of testing that needs to be done.

Still, if this portable gaming PC incentivizes AAA companies to do the work needed for a Linux build, I'm all for it.

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