there should be a way to search for songs by vibe

shoutout to finding a song so good you gotta restart it because you didn't appreciate the lyrics enough the first time round

by my 30s i will settle for no less than 180 degrees of FOV

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as i get older i find myself needing higher and higher fov in order to not feel nauseous for some games

if you were a boss fight in a subversive indie rpg, what would be your gimmick?

just when i thought the biyearly deltarune/undertale obsession was over, they drop like, a TON of ARG stuff

i love fantasy games that just give increasingly ridiculous names for metals

finally got around to setting up a new xcom 2 modlist

i wish there was more good asymmetric co-op games, i can only think of like two off the top of my head

i should try and be more proactive with talking to people

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