wanna be more social but I'm way too anxious and avoidant to initiate contact with people even if they've said I can

I dual wield gender. In one hand, "girl". In the other hand, "agender". This is the Power I hold

i need to clean out my rimworld modlist, it takes like 20 minutes for me to load the game at this point

esp when you feel too awkward to directly ask someone for affection of any kind

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always a downer when you feel more touch starved than usual

This isn't a fucking joke people, the government was approached by Sonic to lend out extra stimulus payments only to fast food workers. The problem is this is causing a huge amount of inflation of fast food worker's wages and now the cost of food from these chains are looking to rise 40%. Look up "Sonic Inflation" to find out more.

song lyrics 

You see with contempt I am not what you dreamt
And I feel that something is not right
The strings that you wrote have converted to ropes
They are binding and chaining me tight

feel like chatting with people, but idk what about

I should note my "current read" is well over 2 million words long, so it's kept me busy for a while.

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i should find more books to read soon, as i'll be done with my current read in probably about a week or so


I wonder what my alcohol tolerance is like.

mh-, sh talk 

it's a fucking act of god that the only scars on my arms are cat caused

*ignoring 6 ongoing projects voice*

I haven't done anything productive in a while, I should start a new project

i wanna play satisfactory multiplayer with people at some point

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