paradox game players have three not mutually exclusive paths they can take, trans, communist or racist

I don't mean to brag, but I have an extremely fraught relationship with my family, and with the concept of the nuclear family in general.

nothing makes a battle theme sound more battley than good percussion

i want to spend 5 minutes rearranging my inventory to fit in one extra knife

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i absolutely love grid based inventory systems they're fun

wanna find more crpgs to enjoy but none of the ones i've tried have clicked with me like shadowrun dragonfall did for one reason or another

i built this like 8 hours ago and have already forgotten how it works

the feminine urge to overthrow the ruling classes using necromantic magics

this was about video games but it could be applied to real life too tbh

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i think outfit customisation is just as important as facial customisation, if not more so tbh

owl house spoilers 

okay but young eda is SUCH a chaotic gremlin i love her

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