tabletop rpg stuff 

kinda want to play a game of princess the hopeful at some point, it looks interesting

hm, to find a new band to listen to, or to just listen to the same band I've been listening to for the past few months almost exclusively more

i have completed my goal in super hexagon of getting a 5 minute time on hexagon mode, with a 311:23

edging closer to a 5 minute time on hexagon mode, 272:43

wonder if I've ever been subtooted and haven't noticed

this also means hyper hexagonest is the only level i don't have at least 2 minutes on

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new hexagonest record, 156:23, a huge improvement on my previous time of 98:58

oh yeah right after this i made another new record on hyper hexagonest with 86:42

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yes i went straight from playing the easiest mode to the hardest mode

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speaking of new super hexagon records

new high score on hyper hexagonest


it's only like a second longer than my previous time, but it IS still an improvement

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mad max was set in 2021, when do we get to wear apocalypse outfits

i have been informed there is a candidate for t so

yeah i've got lgbtq


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i was going to make a meme about the acronym lgbt and polearms but i couldn't think of any for t

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