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I was gonna play genshin impact but then I remembered that its launcher exists outside of the launcher that launches it, so the game never auto-updates

anyway now I'm downloading 37 gigs even though there'll probably be another update by the time I want to play it again

I'm only excited for three upcoming video games:
- advance wars, which has been complete since march or whatever
- that gundam overwatch game, which still doesn't have a release date
- dwarf fortress on steam

kamala harris of all ppl being appalled someone is in jail on possession charges is comedy

We board the dead space hulk. It’s been lifeless for centuries. We start replacing corroded cabling to get life support functioning. Then we restore communications.

There’s a final unsent message in the buffers. We put it on screen.

From: Chief Engineer Nani, Cargo Vessel Akkadia
To: Copper merchant Ea-nasr, New Ur
Subject: Complaint about quality of copper in new CO₂ scrubbers

We turn the screen off. It’s a tale as old as time.


sure it sounds like hbo is gonna be ruined because they consider the big bang theory an “iconic character” but four of the cops that shot and killed breonna taylor were arrested and brought up in federal charges, alex jones is getting royally fucked, and netflix is being forced to pay like $4million to writers after an arbitration so i’m marking it as a good day

Biden says Brittany Griner is being wrongfully detained bc it gives him a shot at rattling the saber at Russia, meanwhile people in the country he's in charge of get detained for the same reason by the thousands every day

maybe it's because I stopped following the pokemon games at release time during the DS era (the 3D art is a massive downgrade from pixel art, fight me) and only came back during SwSh, but I cannot retain the generation numbers at all. I think we're approaching 9?

On this day in 1983, socialist revolutionary Thomas Sankara became president of Burkina Faso at the age of 33. He only lasted 4 years because he was killed in a military coup suspected to be backed by the US and France.

Sankara won the love of his people because of his socialist programs and economic prosperity, his confrontation with the national elite, Western imperialism and neo-colonialism.

In those 4 short years he:

• Vaccinated 2.5 million children against meningitis, yellow fever, and measles in weeks.

• Initiated a nationwide literacy campaign, increasing the literacy rate from 13% in 1983 to 73% in 1987.

• Redistributed land from the feudal landlords and gave it directly to the peasants.

• Appointed women to senior positions, encouraged them to work, and granted pregnancy leave during education.

• Called for a united front of African nations to repudiate their foreign debt, arguing the poor and exploited did not have an obligation to repay money to the rich and exploiting.

"ooh, big stretch!" i say as my cat makes incorrect inferences

if you're out of wine, monster energy with vodka is adequate to perform the eucharist

the bhopal industrial disaster killed multitudes more people than 9/11 and injured and disabled countless more. the us response to the disaster? sheltering the ceo of union carbide, the responsible company, from indian courts until he died peacefully at 91

based on my own experience, the average person has 20 homosexual thoughts per day, but through christ you can ignore them safely

If this happens to you, turn the game off and call for help. Do not try to push the electricity back in. This sort of electricity is very angry, and can bite.

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A game at the arcade is very broken and all its electricity is coming out.

new masto feature that detects if you've posted wojacks and takes away your reply button if so

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