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adhd advice that's like, Sticky Notes, Reminders, Calendars etc is always so funny to me. it's not bad advice it's just like, Yeah Damn You're Right, If Was More Organized More Of The Time I Would Have Less Problems, Huh

it's really funny that there have been like 8000 pokemon games and every person who plays them has been playing them for 25 years but they still have a 3 hour long tutorial at the beginning where they show you how to catch one. you gotta respect nintendo's commitment to the bit.

i keep saying joe biden's job is to turn out the lights and i am still surprised by the magnitude and rapidity with which the administration is stripping the copper from the walls

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the federal government will no longer require hospitals to report the daily number of covid deaths as of February 2nd

"covid is over, don't worry about omicron"

> 1+ million cases a day

"omicron is mild, look how few people there are in the hospital"

> hospitalizations break records

"they're mild hospitalizations, look at the low death counts"

> deaths begin to climb at the same rate as previous spikes

"no more death data for you piggies"

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*staring directly past every video game I've obtained in the past 6 years*

I think I'll restart stardew valley again

I think probably everyone has one particular statistic that makes them most mad and they think about all the time and mine is “there were at least 40% more wild birds in 1970”. you fuckers took half my birds

i tried pressing the block button but instead i pressed the bloke button and now this hater is calling me a wanker

Not enough music players have a "shuffle albums" option. I want to listen to full albums in order, but not always have them come in the same order.

is Calcifer from Howl's Moving Castle the best anime character? probably not, but...maybe


Wordle 209 6/6


another puzzle where my near-loss feels like personal recklessness

fullmetal alchemist 

every time this manga touches the brothers' background I Feel Things
this shit flew straight over my head as a teenager lmao

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vote here to receive a notification long after you've forgotten you've voted

Everyone cries over Steve Jobs. It was like forever ago. Ordinary people die of ligma all the time but you only ever hear about him. Bourgeois...

fullmetal alchemist 

christ I didn't realize shou tucker appeared so early in the manga

people have some strong opinions about which order to watch star wars in. there's some merit to watching them 1 through 9, and to watching them in order of release. but in my opinion, you should be watching them in a completely random order so as not to take the whole thing too seriously

it sucks this is the only way to get pickled garlic around here? and olive brine has a specific taste

I like olives but I'd like straight up pickled garlic a lot more

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ate most of a jar of garlic stuffed olives in one sitting because I opened it and somehow lost the lid immediately without moving from this chair

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