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I watched two episodes of netflix's bebop adaptation and here are some thoughts 

there is a specific scene in the first episode where opinion shifted from "it's a corny cosplay production but the lead actor is carrying it" to "they tried to do a dramatic shot and I laughed so hard I almost choked to death"

they blended the vincent/syndicate stuff in with the early story, which could've worked
except that every time syndicate goons appear on camera I think "oh look, it's the Wiggles" and every time vincent himself appears I can't think of anything except how stupid he looks

faye is a comic relief character????????

Don't look now guys but I think shit is about to go down

if you like arcane do NOT install league of legends it installs a virus on your computer called league of legends

the wheel of time, the lathe of heaven, the house of leaves, etc.

a video game is bad unless you can scroll past the top of menus to reach the bottom

I love that song, it really fucking _______

one of my wife's favorite calm-down movies is Sphere. Heh

it's 2021/11/22 but farming sim 22 isn't unlocked on steam or EGS yet

i think it's important for us to acknowledge that driving on the right is, in fact, normal, it's not something only the usa does, it's something that the British fuck up

okay, help me come up with an excuse and reasoning as to why i need Farming Simulator 22 so i can present this to my wife and plead my case

twitter freaks are desperate for you to like crypto because as with all scams, the whole thing falls apart once new people stop investing their money

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a video game is bad unless you can scroll past the top of menus to reach the bottom

me: its ridiculous to think that in a "state of nature" people would be murdering each other constantly

also me, constantly: were it not for the laws of this land id go on a hunt for every capitalist

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