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they normalized paying more for environmentally-friendly products and made us think more money is the only way out of this

waiting for a non-genwunner to get mad at me for not having a clue what that red lobster thing is

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I didn't do anything last summer and you can't prove it

These Five Tech Companies Know What You Did Last Summer (and why that's a problem)

I feel like every few days I write another List Of Things I Should 3D Print and then it phases out of this plane of existence as soon as I break eye contact

You: in his DMs

Me: knowing what he did last summer

Good job interview questions:

Why should I work for you?
Why is this position open?
What do you like about working here?
Can you support yourself on what you're paid?
Why aren't you promoting from within?
How many people have had this job in the past 5 years?
What would you change about your job?

concept: a clown samurai that unseathes their sword, then keeps unsheathing

why don't I own a level

whatever, I'll just square this thing I'm hanging on the wall with the other things on the wall. I'm sure none of it is level anyway

less dire since I have better tread on my all-seasons this year but I also don't want to be doing this in my driveway during an ice storm or something

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this is weird to think about since it was almost 80f today, but I should probably make some time to swap the snow tires onto my car pretty soon

pretty cool that every police union in the country is fighting tooth and nail so that they can keep dying at a record rate to covid

is there somewhere I can look up CWs for movies, that aren't "people say bad words" but "pulp fiction has an entirely unnecessary rape scene for edgelord points"

We need a food police force to stop and prevent food crimes: England edition 

this is the saddest gringo taco i've seen in a while.

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