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I only drink Atlantic water, none of that Pacific swill

world flipper is incredibly light on my phone battery

everyone loves market forces until they mean that people wont work for 7 dollars an hour

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i think if businesses and government agencies are having a hard time hiring people they should pay more. just my 2 cents

'harry, you can't mean!', ron breathed gingerly.

'yes, ron', harry said sternly. 'we must do 9/11'

'harry is right', hermione nodded. 'there's no other way'

all three pointed their wands in unison at the world trade centre, and shouted: 'committus ninelevenus!'

Talk about the "unity" of the US after 9/11 is very ahistorical. White America got extremely violent against Sikhs and Muslims living in the US, not to mention the enormous antiwar protests.and the 2004 Republican National Convention.

republicans: and with this new bill, you are designated a class c human, and your organs can be harvested without your consent if a rich person nearby needs them

democrats: *send you an email* "you won't believe what republicans have done now! pwease donate $25!"

type of guy who calls his offline himself "IRLsona"

but we're all overdue for replaying sleeping dogs, to be honest

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also steam cloud managed to populate my savegame menu with stuff from 2013 so I guess I was super overdue for replaying this game

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there are moments in sleeping dogs where wei shen's english voice actor sounds extremely paul walkerish

welcome to my mind-hovel, stranger

it isn't much but I can share some mind-gruel

I'm really craving some sad media so I can fixate on that instead of being sad about real life circumstances

girlfriend is a song i think is ok in most contexts and i think is incredible in the burnout paradise soundtrack

Something very entertaining to do is read all the negative reviews for dollhouse accessories from people who thought the thing was going to be full size

the first recorded mention of cats in Japan,

by the teenage emperor of the time, 9th century

uncaptioned text

I don't understand why doing a little exercise will make you feel less tired and I hate that they're right

You can enjoy a piece of media without making it a part of you. You can enjoy media and see its flaws at the same time. You can recognize that it has some fucked up messages w/o taking it as a reflection on yourself for enjoying it. I encourage you to do this with all media, especially the media you like. Don't look away from it, don't ignore it, and don't let it render you incapable of enjoying things

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