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the distinction between "taxation" and "an insurance premium" is an artificial one

workers receiving the full benefit of their labor doesn't have to mean dividing all the cash in the till at the end of the day evenly between everyone present and leaving the till empty, none of that money going anywhere else

even if/while money exists, it could simply be "workers give some of the fruit of their labor into a big pool of money that exists to soften every unexpected blow to every person ever"

instead of being hired as cynical talliers who more-precisely meter a scale on which "death and suffering" must be balanced against "profit," actuaries/insurance administrators could be the workers calculating "how much suffering are we likely to need to alleviate this year? do our fellow-workers in other domains need to devote more of the fruit of their labors to the protection of people as a whole?"

space science is good and worthwhile human endeavor, it's just that capitalists colonizing space isn't science

insisting pink floyd doesn't count as prog and insisting pink floyd counts as prog are both equally cursed, in that they constitute opinions about prog

is there anything explicitly illegal about opening love hotels in the US? could I start a love hotel chain but all the beds are tokyo antisex beds?

i'd basically describe less than jake as reel big fish meets the offspring

that's pretty accurate, right?

samurai gunn 2 is exactly the opposite of the genres of video game I enjoy, but props to @dankwraith (and associates) for creating something worth being proud of

walking into the fisherman's guild, slapping everyone with large trouts, breaking my fishing rod over my knee, and storming out

Please disclose if you're using a twitter crossposter so I know not to follow you

Attention! At The Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

i would simply not let health insurance companies run the country

I think I could do what the guys on Dragon Ball Z do. Probably no problem.

"in the future, computers will be so powerful that they'll be able to solve bullshit math equations to generate fake money incredibly quickly"
"that sounds... bad"
"It is"

thank you, completely fucked up plex/plexamp shuffle routine

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