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Something I'm curious about: what do people think about the word "emoji" vs "emoticon"?


getting shit packed into bins for the move and I just had to

more spring 2021 anime thoughts 

episode 1 of dynazenon struggled to hold my attention for most of the character building stuff but the ending was punchy and I should probably finish watching gridman at some point

though really if I'm gonna finish a trigger anime right now it'll be BNA

(it'll be neither)

ep2 spoilers 

he quit smoking for her and then sincerely admitted to a coworker that he has a crush on a high school girl and this is still weird but I can no longer figure out whether it's supposed to be a gag anime or they're planning to play it straight

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yakunara mug cup mo impressions, dark, (it's anime) 

the pottery club anime started with the main character's dead mom revealed to be a legendary mug making genius and I'm worried the big reveal in the second act is gonna be "she finds out her mom died of silicosis"

repeating "DIGIMON DIGITAL MONSTERS DIGIMON ARE THE CHAMPIONS" louder and louder until they kick me out of the grocery store

tip: grab a cat's paw. what could possibly go wrong

hold ur cat's paw so u don't shock them on the ear constantly while u pet them

This one might actually make you too mad. 

Because I'm grinding my teeth to stumps

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The punchline: she goes on to say the executive assistant is a distance worker based in the Philippines. I'd be shocked if this person who does 60% (conservatively) of the bosses tasks makes a twentieth of what she makes

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A CEO gives away the game in a series of tweets 

I love when people tell me CEOs have to make the salaries they do so we can attract top talent... Who then turns around and farms out what limited "boss work" there is to do to others

seems like people just aren't willing to acknowledge the problematic age gap between Mary and God

the anime where a dude stalks his high school sister's classmate is creepy and weird but some of the jokes are good 😐

Britpop is a MI6 psyop. I refuse to believe anyone has genuinely enjoyed a oasis or arctic monkeys song

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