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there's a dog near me, doing little doggy snores

like they focus on losing elections so much to the point that they refuse to do anything about the 2 party system despite having a shitload of rank and file members. the main function of the green party is to burn out any potential radicals and funnel them back in the democrats. If they aren't explicitly controlled opposition at the national level, they may as well be.

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the green party USA calling themselves "the largest socialist party in america" is funny considering basically everyone In the party explicitly rejects revolution as a path to change and their main focus is losing elections

Bofuri is better than Sword Art Online in every way.

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reminder not to post your crimes on the internet

Google fired another woman working in the ethics of AI... because she was looking into why they fired the woman before her who was working in the ethics of AI.

This is a calibration toot. Please use it to adjust and set your toots properly. Thank you.

Every time ANOLE isn't a valid word in the Spelling Bee puzzle, I just look at pictures of anoles for five minutes and think about who's gonna tell this lil fella he's not real

bad news for #linux fans: leaked documents reveal that 2020 was supposed to be the year of linux on the desktop, before it was postponed indefinitely due to the pandemic

every work of fiction is an isekai if you're being pedantic enough

in a just world basically every public official in texas would be afraid for their life right now

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