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"You’ve likely never heard of 82-year-old computer scientist Lynn Conway, but her discoveries power your smartphones and computers. Her research led to successful startups in Silicon Valley, supported national defense, and powered the internet.

Long before becoming a highly respected elderly professor at the University of Michigan, Conway was a young researcher with IBM IBM . It was there, on August 29, 1968, that IBM’s CEO fired her for [being trans]. Nearly 52 years later, in an act that defines its present-day culture, IBM apologized and sought forgiveness."

im just gobsmacked that literally the day after someone #onhere tries to pinkwash copyright, and then someone ELSE tries to sell their digital-graffiti-font-gentrifier friend as a a good example of copyright protecting the little guy, we hear news of a lawsuit because some asshole has trademarked the word "enby" and is suing anyone who uses it

I would say me being white, male, owning a semi-professional audio recording setup and *not* making a podcast is my gift to the world

homestuck is making a resurgence cause we're all STUCK AT HOME

please laugh

Please, if you have a bot, make it post in unlisted rather than in public. There is so many bots posting in public now that the federated timeline is becoming unusable.
I don’t usually ask that, but can you boost this to spread awareness?

if you think that someone self-publishing a book benefits from copyright in the same way as The Fucking Disney Corporation you are out of your mind

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You all laugh but my friend runs and would frequently have people make their own bootleg bumper stickers promoting his site, in violation of the copyright laws laid down in the Bible IIRC, and upheld by the good simple folks of this free and brave nation. When his bumper sticker designs ended up on the dark web, that's when I knew the only thing to do was to support extending existing copyrights by another two centuries.

the "copyright law protects small creators" defense breaks down the instant a large corporation steals a small creator's work and defends it with their eight hundred lawyers

imagine if you could influence the past but only via typing into the chat of archived streams. would that be fucked up or what

I hate the term "stimulus check" so much because it implies that the purpose is not to help people, but to encourage people to spend money for the sake of T H E E C O N O M Y

So glad big companies got a big tax cut so they could pay their employees more (dies laughing)

internet is wild in 2020. every website has at least 4 out of a covid announcement banner, a "consent" banner, a "stories" feature, a hero image, and ads. there have been rumors of websites with actual content beneath all that, but they are as yet unconfirmed

I should be using that money for other things anyway but it's really novel to see 1TB fast storage dropping into the $75-85 range

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the only thing keeping me from impulse buying more SSDs is I know my desktop is out of m.2 slots, probably out of SATA ports or pretty close to it, and I don't want to go to the trouble of migrating anything off one of the existing hard drives

You're doing federation wrong.

Don't scale instances, scale the network.

- fewer issues with digital landlording services related to bandwidth and storage
- moderation is much more manageable and fine-grained
- instances do not become clones of "social media" platforms, using their malicious tooling and offers to help scale for more centralized demand

- if you're the admin you don't get to control as many users at once :(
- hard working surveillance landlords like CloudFlare don't get money from centralizing a federation
- oh wait these are just more pros never mind

cons (for real this time):
- keeping up with the emoji meta is harder, I guess

Don't scale instances, scale the network.

also making a new instance under the same admin and hosting service as another isn't fooling anyone lol

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A cool community, I guess.