we need more stories for people who like turtles more than cops

i think its cool actually how being a right wing nerd crosses language and cultural boundaries like this. die mad lmao

the darvaza gas crater, nicknamed, the gates of hell, has to be in the top 10 need to see holes on earth right?

"This shit sucks ass" should be my #1 go to option for reporting posts. There should be a big button that just says "get his ass"

Video Game: Do you want to play as Human or Elf

Me: I want to play as An Furry.

Video Game: Okay good. We have an Furry species. We wrote their backstory so they only eat people, and they do slavery also, and we draw the legs wrong

The gay people who eat weird shit are going to become moving pictures

it's funny that police associations call begging for your donations as if 90% of your city taxes dont just go straight to the cops

@monorail two c-sticks is probably the preference of someone, somewhere

@monorail omg I didn't realize you could just replace the C-stick with a normal one

there goes my one of main complaints about the gamecube pad

@ocean I had to go look up pippin because I didn't realize it was sold in japan

turns out bandai made most of them


@ocean I hate when someone has a slam-dunk idea for a game like this because it just makes me sad it'll never happen

a gentleman morbing? preposterous. a gentleman would never morb

couldn't decide what to have for dinner but now it's past 1am so the answer has become "snacks"

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