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@miasmicfungus it'll probably be busy for an hour or two and then catastrophically boring :blobcatShrug:

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we close at 4 today so my boss did second-shifters a favor by scheduling us early (so we get something approaching a full shift of holiday pay)

money is nice I guess but now I'm up 4 hours early and I wish I was dead

youtube removing community captions is so fucked up honestly. it's a massive fuck you to those with hearing issue, language processioning issues like some can have with autism, pretty much all non english speakers or those in the process of learning which media immersion is an amazing way to learn I may add. and there's literally no reason to do it than google doing what they always do, killing off services and features because fuck you

new type of guy, he pilots a mech suit similar to mine. we counter each other perfectly. i incapacitate his suit as he pierces my generator, the explosion turning our mechanised chassis to space debris seconds after we eject. we have to work together to survive and signal a nearby civilian ship to pick us up, with only minutes of oxygen left. we're safe. we kiss passionately

it is my solemn vow to 1: never post hog and 2: never play a dark souls

NCT U is my least favorite of Mark's groups but this single's good imo

its wild to me that people can't look at a term like "banana republic" and not even sense it may be fucked up to say.

same energy as global south

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a coexist bumper sticker with a swastika in it

Never had a Turkish delight but if British people like it it probably tastes like shjt

@InternetEh I've had a buttload of anti-fog lens wipes lying around forever and the constant mask-wearing has caused me to actually use them on my glasses

they're no help if you're going in and out of a commercial freezer but they work well enough for breathing or for mild indoor/outdoor temperature differences

I've watched this namie/AS video like 8 consecutive times and now it's just sitting paused on the last frame

she's so dreamy

ok fedi help me test a theory:

if you are from a country other than the US, were you ever told not to swim immediately after eating? i also added poll options for the americans bcs we don’t handle being excluded well lmfao.

You Need to Opt Out of Amazon Sidewalk

TL;DR Amazon added a new opt-out peer-to-peer network between their devices, including those on your neighbors’ networks. You share up to 500MB of bandwidth with the houses next to you. Yeah, hell no.

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