i wish it was more acceptable and accessible to just go out and learn things. like i dont need to make it a career for it to be useful to learn

"nobody wants to work" 

it is odd the "economics 101" crowd preaches people are motivated by rational self-interest and this applies to everything except when we leave a shitty job for a better one. Or just quit a shitty job.

Do they think we're incapable of making that choice for ourselves? Do the think we're all making mistakes? Are they just to arrogant to acknowledge we can tell when we're not being paid what we're worth? Or are we not allowed rational self-interest as workers, just consumers

this is the third time I've scheduled a COVID test in a month's span. hey I know we all know this but: COVID? this pandemic? this grandemic failure to use state powers for basic public health functions? it's for the fucking birds

I'm obsessed with the idea of someone owning 3 cats, and naming the 3 cats after the 3 names of 1 celebrity

Sarah, Michelle, and Geller
Andrew, Lloyd, and Webber

current cucumber levels are 100%

(100%) ■■■■■■■■■■

I fell asleep with the lights on last night and I didn't even feel too tired yesterday compared to today

here's hoping I don't fall asleep with the oven on tonight

death's door seems really good from the little I've played tonight

it's a roguelite where you play a small crow with a sword and a dodgeroll

(also it's on gamepass)


@srol a sandwich is a snack if it's cut triangularly and the main part of a meal if it's cut vertically


the possibility exists that I was spoiled earlier and didn't consciously realize it

it's either that or dumb luck, because I used a random starting word

Wordle 220 2/6


I like certain aspects of imperial measurements but seeing someone crack open a classic car engine using every wrench size between 1/4" and 15/16" makes me wonder why anyone gets into the auto repair field here

i knew meat loaf died, but i did not know that he was anti vax and died of covid and ranted about how china created the pandemic

the only interesting osha rule i know is that you're not allowed to have rewards like "3 months without a workplace accident, time to have a pizza party". you're not even supposed to keep track of that. it doesn't encourage a safer workplace, it discourages reporting accidents

@cwebber @dthompson with the way the air circulates I could see bottom-first drying being possible with really hot batches, I guess

@cwebber @dthompson I haven't noticed any meaningful unevenness but for the record I've only dried fruit and 3d printer filament with my nesco

@dthompson @cwebber fwiw that blog post would've done a pretty good job of selling an excalibur to me if I was routinely doing large batches

the round trays /are/ annoying, it's true

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