*staring directly at phone*
"where did I put my phone?"

I have never been any place in my life that didn't have too many mugs. Under a planned economy, we will stop producing mugs for the first 20 years

pouring one out for everyone with a feb 29th birthday who had to skip it this year

100% convinced job interviews are supposed to test how much you're willing to humiliate yourself and put up with bullshit

what if being a "functioning, productive member of society" isn't necessarily a great thing if you live in an unproductive, dysfunctional society

Do I agree with everything the Chinese government does? Certainly not. But I'm way more worried about the fact that barely some weeks ago, a homeless native american man died from a heart attack hiding from the police in a chemical toilet right here in Montreal next to a homeless shelter that the government shut down after imposing a curfew. Curfew that also applies to homeless people, who have no where to go. Maybe THAT is more important.

never thought about how suburbia is basically a social atomization and control engine that makes you more concerned with your individual property values and taxes than you are how much you and your fellow workers are paid but I'll be damned

if china had fucked up the covid response as the US they would have 2 million dead right now. instead they have less than 5000. fuck your bourgeois moral sensibilities

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every state in the west is terrified of the idea that someone would look at a state spending money to improve the material conditions of the citizenry and think "huh... why arent we doing that..."

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every fucking headline about china these days is like "china institutes program to save baby kittens... but is it too successful?"

maybe your programmers would make good decisions if they didn't work 80 hour weeks for three years

imagine buying vine and then ruining it so hard that some chinese company makes vine 2 several years later and it immediately becomes a national security threat that everyone just decides to accept because they like it so much. that's what it's like to be jack dorsey

fun fact json isn't a great format for large amounts of data

if your json file is counted in megabytes reconsider your choices

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Gotta love this term: 報復性熬夜 - "revenge bedtime procrastination". It's when you stay up late because between work and family and chores, night is the only "me time" you have, and it doesn't even matter if all you do is waste it on social media - it's the one little piece of schedule *you* control, and it'll happen even if it means you'll be sleep-deprived.

Which is what I'm doing now, and pretty much every night since forever.

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getting a full sleeve tattoo of a badass technofantasy battle scene but if you look more closely it's all monsters from yugioh cards

tequila can replace gin in most cocktails to their benefit

@jacethechicken I usually just try to kick-lift things hacky sack style

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