if there are any landlords who had to sell their property bc of the moratorium, well, I hope it was a lot of them

making an mmo called holly online where everyone is holly

no more details atm, still in very early planning phases

red hot chili peppers and sublime are alternate universe versions of a third band

hoo boy I bet Tumblr is having a very normal time about my hero academia right now. they are of course generally very normal about this show so I'm sure that will continue

i think everyone in my hero academia should be bisexual except mineta

one time i was getting a haircut and the place had like a teenager working the register and sweeping up hair from the floor. and when the music stopped after a song, he got all excited and was like "y'all it's my turn to put on an album!"

and he fiddles with an ipad screen and fucking 40oz to Freedom starts playing. how are teenagers getting into Sublime at this point? is Lou Dog in Fortnite or something??

this pandemic has fucking radicalized me. i honestly think we should begin mandatory vaccinations for anyone who's medically capable of getting them, and i wouldn't mind if we started executing anti vaxxers

I can't believe eugen made the ios masto app without rollback netcode

PayPal: hey did you want to know someone's real.name.
Me: no
PayPal : here it is 😄

does anyone actually pronounce it "risk five"? it's clearly "risk vee"

cant believe matt damons daughter told him not to say f*ck

PSA: Sonic Racing Transformed is currently on sale for 75% off, leaving it at $5 USD. It's one of the best kart racing games ever. It looks at Mario Kart 7 and says "oh you think that's cool? watch this." Boats (not submarines, boats) handle significantly differently from karts instead of just being "slightly more sluggish kart," and planes actually take skill to fly instead of being basically glorified cutscenes. It just absolutely blows Mario Kart out of the water and nobody's heard of it.

It also has a campaign mode, which can be played in multiplayer and does NOT skimp on difficulty OR length. All gold medals until the credits is hard, and I've barely even started on the post-credits stuff.

so if I'm to understand what happened today, the most reviled hero academia character was revealed to be bi and the LGBT community universally reacted with "no we don't want him"? is that right?

jacking off tycoon game where you start with one dick to jack and you buy upgrades and new dicks and after a few hours you're jacking off hundreds of dicks with greater efficiency than when you just had the one

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like, pirate them and transcode them to whatever format you like after the fact it's not that hard, its simply a Good archival format

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