by the way if you've got a thingiverse account you should probably change your password

maybe someday you'll get an email from makerbot about it, but why wait

dallos spoilers? 

I dunno I just thought these lines were something

upgraded my hotend cooling

still not ideal because the air's just kinda going everywhere, but considerably less sketchy than the old one, which was melting and included a duct made out of electrical tape

I've been meaning to print diffusers for my flashlights since like three power outages ago

also, like, this stuff glows

3d printing gore 

btw it was glow in the dark filament

and this is the first time I've played with the pixel camera app's "night sight" long exposure mode

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3d printing gore 

fuckedest "successful" print I've had in a long while

I keep seeing that blues clues meme template and thinking it's hyadain from the kakakata kataomoi MV

anyway unlike the majority of thingiverse users I actually own hammer nuts, so I didn't have to fuck around with any fragile clip mechanism

those nubs are just for alignment

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upgraded my desk fan. same rated airflow (55ish CFM) and noise level (26ish dBa) but the silverstones are ancient so those numbers aren't true

(and I might put a low noise adapter on the noctuas anyway)

also it's nicer looking and more stable now

evangelion spoilers, EVANGELION SPOILERS 

lol I was digging in my anime nonsense folder for something else and I found this evangelion analysis from 2010

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