I've watched this namie/AS video like 8 consecutive times and now it's just sitting paused on the last frame

she's so dreamy

digging through an old download folder so I can repurpose the hard drive and I found my copy of the Namie Amuro x Afterschool MV

1080i and as far as I can tell, the only full-length copy of this video in the wild online is a 240p upload on vimeo

to any potential new followers: I hope you'll understand if I don't follow back

soul eater late spoiler 

okay, so far this climax is a lot better-executed than I'd expect

dumb manga 

I'm overall impressed with soul eater's writing/pacing/art/etc but it does also vacillate between a really intense "world succumbing to madness" plot and, uh... this

kpop, nsfw iconography, DO NOT GOOGLE THIS 

has momoland been using goatse as their logo this entire time? wtf

sleepy princess extremely minor spoiler kinda not really even 


damn, imagine being rewarded for your efforts at work

lmao I opened the input box to make a bad post but it was already pre-populated from last night


I didn't realize the wizard meme had penetrated far enough into japan to be integrated so purely into an actual japanese anime

spending the night of tuesday, november 3rd, 2020 very healthily by playing farming sim badly and ignoring all news

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