it cost more than 85% of my Coin

you offer me free land, and then this?

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sometimes my customers leave shit like this in the store and I feel glad they're not wearing facemasks

the sort of person who disseminates this garbage needs to die choking

one piece spoilers as vague as I can make them 

I'm up to the introduction of boa hancock and for the first time in this series I feel the same way luffy does

the result is a definite B-game that someone out there probably loves but I am honestly not even immersed deeply enough to feel any real frustration with the jankiness

anyway here's a screenshot

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what the hell did you expect, there's like three employees left at any given mcdonalds

cool skeleton but there's 0 spice in this beer

you could tell me it was brewed with bell peppers and I'd believe you

I've changed a lot, in a lot of ways, since I was 12

but the one thing I got right 19 years ago was referring to non-ANSI keyboards as "has a fucked up enter key"

I've been reading a cute manga about a grandma who gets isekaied into the body of a newborn baby

this dymo printer seems decent enough at printing dumb shit, as long as I keep its limitations in mind

I kinda wish I had smaller labels that weren't postage stamp shaped, but every individual label passing through the print head is another opportunity for a jam

remember those afternoons you spent sitting crosslegged on the carpet quietly lining up domino paths? you should try INDUSTRIAL METAL STRESS BEETLE

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