a perverse desire to attack the bad things and protect the good things

damn, I gotta get some of whatever's protecting these contacts


"tannerite" is trending in the politics category and it has nothing to do with assassinations, someone just revealed another damn gender

dragon goes house-hunting 

I've been trying to concentrate on episode 1 of this show for over 40 minutes now and I get the feeling it's not going to top this screenshot

surely someone here can use this clip for something

no idea what I needed this screencap for, but I'm sure I'll find something

finally decommissioned the not-bomb that's been running 24/7 on my bench since The Before Times

very powerful cat eye contact 

please experience this photograph I accidentally took with flash enabled

omg I didn't realize IU posted *two* new videos the other day

minor scene from a few arcs into dragonball super 

never change, goku

I ordered some PCBs from oshpark and then, two days later, caught a promo code and decided to order the same board from jlcpcb for comparison

Same shipping time (adjusted for business days) despite coming from across the world, a third of the cost, 5 boards instead of 3, similar quality (more than enough for my noob projects), and they didn't leave the sprue pieces on the edges like oshpark did

I haven't posted any content in a while because my printer is not currently dependable for large jobs, but I will say that these are my favorite type of cable ties


printed in PETG with 120% Z scale

anime, fightin' words 

I offer no personal judgement re: this statement

someone convinced me to try mass effect andromeda and uhh mini review time:
it plays better than any of the real mass effect games and some of the voice acting has been mediocre but I can't comment on the story yet because I'm only just through the intro stuff

but my player character always looks like she was pulled directly out of bed to appear in these cutscenes and I do vibe with that

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