alcohol but like... crafty 

I've still been messing around with infusions and for some reason I've fixated on getting a kiwi liqueur and this is the best yet

feels like cheating though. I chopped up some commercially dried kiwi and let it infuse for a full week, then added barely any sugar because it was sweetened already

also it's vibrant green because I guess food dye doesn't need to be included on ingredient lists lmao

and yes I did reuse a sailor jerrys bottle it's a perfectly good bottle

first print in at least a month, a surprisingly acceptable transitional benchy

some random protopasta blue PLA + matterhackers solar flare PLA

is Calcifer from Howl's Moving Castle the best anime character? probably not, but...maybe

I spent a while relearning how to burn hardsubs only to remember that dubs and subtitles never use the same script

I don't have a set of 4 images determining how I'm gonna make 2022 my bitch or whatever we were doing, but here's a gif from yuyushiki

someone uploaded the entire run of the 1978 japanese spiderman tv series to a website and I did not realize this show was what it was

first person zero-gee movement 

hardspace shipbreaker is so good

if water is incompressible then how was this man able to carry an entire village's worth of water in a single capsule?

checkmate, nerds

unintentional trans keypads

I'll probably keep these both as solid colors, but, lol neat

I stopped using spotify so here's the top 12 tracks and artists from my plex server, which did not contain any music before 2021

(for any artist except NCT 127, the main entry also includes soloists and subgroups)

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