I think it's stupid that the EU has an official mastodon instance

maybe a hot take idk


@michcio why do I think it's dumb, or why do they think it's worthwhile?

my answer is that it's a glorified RSS host but since it's "social media", all the news items are written in cringe

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@proto@raru.re for a certainly large group of people the main source of news is from the pages they follow on social media like facebook and twitter in the form of a glorified RSS host, so it likely makes sense to propagate your news through such channels.
and facebook and twitter are not based in europe and facebook especially has been having conflicts with the eu, so it likely makes sense to try and look for things that are better, such as, arguably, fedi.
now, where it doesn't really click is that not a lot of people i know are using fedi for RSS, but there are literally RSS bridges already, so it might be more of a UI/UX problem imho

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