I don't think I've seen any "tiny house" videos yet where my overall opinion has been anything but "why didn't you just buy a singlewide trailer"

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hashtag-vanlife stuff, sure, some of those conversions are neat. truck bed campers exist and you can buy one for less than the cost of a fucking 4x4 ambulance conversion, but whatever

tiny houses are always just like "here's our shed. it kinda has running water but the only shower is outside. we sleep together on a lofted twin bed and our kid sleeps on the kitchen table next to the toilet"

(yes I am aware that most 'tiny houses' are just a tax avoidance measure)

as stupid as I think tiny houses are, I also think shipping container houses are stupid and impractical but in that case it's entertaining to see how someone could possibly cram a livable space into one

it's pure youtuber content and I pity anyone who tries to long-term inhabit a shipping container, but sometimes they're neat

Converted vans/tinyhouses 

@proto The thing I like about the vans (at a distance, don't have one) is that you get to build it yourself. That's what I'd do, at least. It would take time but it would be a recreational thing for me too. Can't speak for others. It might also backfire horribly and turn out to be a bad idea.

Re buying a "proper camper", a converted van you can park and sleep in anywhere. It's (typically more) discreet. With a camper there are lots of restrictions of where you can park and sleep in it. At least here. AFAIK. In my imagination that makes kind of a big difference. In practice, I don't know.

Got to say I can't stand the youtube tinyhouse/van channels though. All I've seen are... well... it feels fake.

Converted vans/tinyhouses 

@human_equivalent based on anecdotal evidence from my retired (white) grandparents traveling up and down the east coast of the US with their fifth wheel, you can park a "proper camper" just about anywhere (truck stop, back corner of a random parking lot, etc) for a night or two without running into trouble

Converted vans/tinyhouses 

@proto Cool. Nice. In Sweden, if you're going somewhere where people usually camp, like close to a particular forest or beach, there are designated camping spots that you often have to pay for stopping at. Sometimes that could be worth it, sometimes not. Where there are camping areas it's usually forbidden to park anywhere but in the camping area if you have a camper.

I've seen a lot of that, but I've gone by car and haven't had to adapt, so I'm not super sure.

It's also basically forbidden to park campers outside of a few designated areas in any major city. A van could park in any car parking spot.

@proto I thought it was a response to house prices being way too high. Guess tax avoidance motivates many too..

@human_equivalent in a lot of places you can park a tiny house on an unsuitable lot and it's kinda legally immune to normal housing regulations because it's not a "permanent structure"

@proto tho she's planning on getting like, four+ containers and connecting them together for more space

@toydragon I hope she's done the cost analysis on that versus, like, a modular home

I dunno maybe having a unique house is important to her but it just seems like a lot of work to end up with a strange dwelling that electricians/plumbers/code enforcement likely aren't gonna be too happy about

@proto she most definitely has not and is only interested in it because it's been showcased on some show on one of those channels where they flip houses

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