I don't think I've seen any "tiny house" videos yet where my overall opinion has been anything but "why didn't you just buy a singlewide trailer"

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hashtag-vanlife stuff, sure, some of those conversions are neat. truck bed campers exist and you can buy one for less than the cost of a fucking 4x4 ambulance conversion, but whatever

tiny houses are always just like "here's our shed. it kinda has running water but the only shower is outside. we sleep together on a lofted twin bed and our kid sleeps on the kitchen table next to the toilet"

(yes I am aware that most 'tiny houses' are just a tax avoidance measure)

as stupid as I think tiny houses are, I also think shipping container houses are stupid and impractical but in that case it's entertaining to see how someone could possibly cram a livable space into one

it's pure youtuber content and I pity anyone who tries to long-term inhabit a shipping container, but sometimes they're neat

@proto my mom is actually considering getting one.

@proto tho she's planning on getting like, four+ containers and connecting them together for more space

@toydragon I hope she's done the cost analysis on that versus, like, a modular home

I dunno maybe having a unique house is important to her but it just seems like a lot of work to end up with a strange dwelling that electricians/plumbers/code enforcement likely aren't gonna be too happy about

@proto she most definitely has not and is only interested in it because it's been showcased on some show on one of those channels where they flip houses

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