update: guilded actually isn't bad?

I like the media channel type and the extended customization, even though I'm not the intended audience of a giant guild there's some use of these things for small communities imo

if anyone wants to try it out here's the link to my, uh, guild: guilded.gg/i/jpLBGow2​

it should actually throw you in to look around even without an account lol


@ivesen @pasty I don't like that thing, seems too much gaming oriented for my taste.

@Craftplacer @ivesen it's gaming oriented but it could actually apply to some project management or even teaching

but i guess they're going with gaming since they started with gaming

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@pasty @Craftplacer "i guess they're going with gaming since they started with gaming" :thinky:

@ivesen @Craftplacer they started as some sort of wow guild tool

for like, managing huge guilds

so thats what theyre going with

even though the feature set could probably be used in many other creative ways

@pasty @ivesen @Craftplacer I'm surprised no one mentioned yet that Discord themselves started as a gaming alternative to other stuff like Skype and TeamSpeak, at least from what they themselves used to advertise in the past.

Nevertheless, I doubt Guilded has come in the right time. I have a feeling it'll be overtaken by Element or maybe a more direct FOSS alternative to it and Discord.

@katakislives @pasty @ivesen I've looked at some videos from guilded, it really seems Discord steriods, I don't like this "gamery" branding though, but if you think about it, teens are valuable and they're gamers.

@Craftplacer @ivesen @katakislives it's okay. I like the extra features, but the app is a resource hog, and some of the advertised features aren't actually real, which is weird.

if they improved performance and were more transparent about what games support stat tracking it'd be a solid recommend.

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