why do i get to pick a server picture before a profile picture anyway. im already NOT vibing with this

this has a lot of stupid things that discord doesnt have but those are also things i never wanted from discord anyway

i really dont get why it makes you customize a server before it lets you customize your own profile. feels kinda backwards

@pasty guilded has always felt like such a try-hard discord clone

@0orpheus it really is
i mean, the usecase for huge server seems... solid, but i dont have a huge community for it lol

@pasty yeah they're copying discords features but missing why discord was successful over the other gaming-oriented VOIP situations. Part of if being that most people like having a broader system.

Plus they seem to be going for the hardcore gaming groups but those seem better server with custom setups (e.g. the ARMA communities TeamSpeak plugins etc)

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