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This is such a cool rain effect~
Also this is pretty impressive for 2006

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I love games that "progress" when you aren't playing them.
Not in the online sense, but like
For example in Animal Crossing your money in the bank slowly earns interest.
Or like in Fable 2, you could make gold over real life days by investing in properties in the game.
I want more games like that

goulash but it's Ghoul Ash.
It's a alchemy ingredient that Ghoul's drop

Pizza hut should sell video games so you can go there and buy a gayme and then have pizza hunt

When Rye likes your post, that is when you know you posted something good

Using fedi search has made in realize lots of people post about stupid politics stuff on fedi...
I'm just following the right people to avoid it

No one on Fedi will play Gears 5 with me
Am I gonna be forced to use....

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Everyone having internet:

Expectation: This will usher in a new era of enlightenment for humanity. Education and communication will be changed forever

Realty: Some reality TV star from 2006 can now convince 200,000+ people that the Earth is flat and there is actually a real movement around this of people who believe it and aren't joking

I played this years Call of Duty online beta since it was free today.
Here is my take away:

Things I like:
Game feel is great, guns feel good and movement does too.
Loading times are very low
Match making is fast, getting into a game is pretty quick, loading screens are pretty.
Graphics are good!

Things I dislike:
No fair starts!!
People use sniper rifles in every map, they aren't a pickup/power wep. People use them like shotguns. These two things alone make me groan, as this will be a problem in EVERY GAME YOU PLAY in it.
Crossplay is on by default, and PC platform is plagued with cheaters, so I had to turn it off.

Things I hate:
Time to Kill is way too low. Because everyone dies in one or two shots there are no chances to have fun gun fights like in other online shooters. Your skill with actual shooting gameplay is mostly unimportant because of this design decision, the meta is more based on positioning. It's kinda like CS:GO but without the depth.

All it all it wasn't bad, but I wouldn't pay 70$ for it, considering it'll have less than a year of support too

Just finished my big rewatch of the classic OG Gundam 0079 movies

Wew it really was ahead of it's time.

Will Star Citizen ever come out

The actual crushing sadness that most movies are cursed by low framerate

Gears of Splatoon: Combat Evolved

Kinda fucked that we have both
Chocolate Milk
Milk Chocolate

Think about it

The marketing team for this years call of duty game absolutely hit it out of the park.
They included footage from the real life Tiananmen Square incident into their political-thriller style sizzle trailer for Call of Duty Cold War.
The Chinese government, of course. didn't take kindly to this, making them take it down. (I should note the footage is totally sfw and doesn't include any of the iconic imagery, like tankman)

All of this, of course, generating more marketing buzz, using real life political unrest as a bouncing board.

It's smart.

It's not as dumb and shortsighted as Outrage marketing that some companies have taken to in recent years.

It generates similar interest around the product but without the negatives of typical outrage marketing.

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