Linux commands and what they do
A guide

cat - it tlaps your files like a cat
df - it stands for "Dog Friend" it summons a small dog on the corner of your screen that you can pet with your mouse
ssh - what you say to you computer when u want it to be quieter
cd - you can type this command in when you want your computer to play your creedence clearwater revival CD that you've had in the disk drive since 1998
tail - shows u a fluffy fox tail
dmesg - sends your favorite dude an email. The dude you sent the mail to can be configured in dude.conf
uhhh idk thats all for today

@ocean RM - Rent Moose - Rents a trained moose to carry you to bed and bring you soup.

@ocean sudo- Soup Dog

Summons and Avalanche rescue dog to pull you out of the snow.... and bring you warm soup

@Rasp with a 50 year old rocker man in her brain....

@ocean Linux commands you say?
cat (GNU coreutils) 9.0
Copyright (C) 2021 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
License GPLv3+: GNU GPL version 3 or later <>.
This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it.

df (GNU coreutils) 9.0
ssh — OpenSSH remote login client
cd - seems to be a GNU bash builtin
tail (GNU coreutils) 9.0
dmesg is actually from util-linux
@ocean I know it's a shitpost, but I prefer my shitposts technically correct.

@ocean Is "top" a sex thing or does it just play Top Gun?

@errant @ocean counterintuitively it just makes your machine spin rapidly in a circle, usually fast enough to precess

@ocean But it gets worse ... my Linus install has the following completely un-mnemonic programs:

clemantine - plays music
handbrake - rips CDs
bluefish - web editor
kazam - screenshots

Noooo... names should make our life easier.

curl - rolls your PC into a small ball, armadillo-like, so you can put it in your pocket

kill - opens the terminal death note
git - activates british mode
bash - summons doge to bash you in the head with a baseball bat

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