Please boost for awareness I used to only take Black coffee, but now I have trouble standing the taste of it, it is way too much. Have I become too soft ? ​:nkoNotLikeThis:​

@bahi0u Try using less cofe or using two or three filters instead of just one!! yeah, I generally try to consume way less cafeine, I dont want to depend too much on it. But next time I'll try thanks !

@bahi0u If you specifically dislike the "acidy" kind of taste, doubling up on filters really helps

@ocean if my stomach didn't rule my life, black coffee. But unfortunately... It's coffee with oatmilk now.

Black coffee I am Mertarzi3d nice meeting you
I currently have a lucrative offer for you

@ocean @checkervest black coffee for hot with cream and milk for cold brew. I contain multitudes! Salted black coffee.

The salt removes the bitter but keeps the flavor in tact. Just don't use a lot or you'll taste the salt, everyone's threshold is different.

🖖@ocean for me is cream / milk not so exact, prefer that Dutch coffee white or powder.
Seems not so milk-fatty for me.
Black is drinkable, but not so optimal enjoyable.

Coffee with milk - but le petit café (espresso) without milk and with sugar!

To steal the line...

We take coffee black, like our souls 😆

@ocean I make my coffee with coffee powder, milk, sugar stirred with ice. Never fails me!

@DuchessOfMars @ocean that sounds like hot chocolate with coffee added lol. i used to put milk too but now i drink it black. not super strong, and light roast beans so it's easy on my stomach

@ocean Non-espresso (filter, french-press, batch etc): no milk. Espresso: oatmilk!


Team Cream here: not whitener, not milk, not half-and-half. 30% butterfat or better.

@ocean im disappointed at all these cream and sugar nerds

@akari Hehe it's not so bad!! try it with a double or triple filter and with less cofe and it'll come out more pleasant

@ocean depends, I can really enjoy a black cofe (usually at aety's place or when I trust the cofe to be okay) but I will almost always pick something with milk because cofe is yuk at most places (sorry I became bad)
@ocean depends on the occasion, also the quality of the cofe, good cofe doesn't need cream, just like a good meat doesn't need a sauce
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