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Ok so.
In the past game consoles were really specialized purpose built hardware, right

But now-a-days, the Nintendo Switch is just a Nvidia ARM board. And the Xbox One is just a stright up AMD x86 machine.

My question is about this!
Would it be possible to somehow buy the exact same hardware as the Xbox One has on it, and just install a normal X86 operating system and use it as a PC?
Not a retail unit, but like you build it with the same hardware yourself

Basically it'd be the same hardware but with a different bios?
Is this something you can do? can you just buy it? Does Linux kernel have support for the hardware?

Same thing with the Switch, you'd just have to throw Debian for Arm on there or something



@NHG Is this what I think it is

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@ocean its the soc the xbox uses on a motherboard

@NHG This is basically exactly what I was looking for when I posted this thank u

@ocean be aware tho, i heard these things have weird and sometimes buggy bios/uefi :)

@NHG Imagine
If you built it inside an on Xbox case too

@ocean i actually just watched i video where some dude wanted to do exactly that :) i'll see if i can find it again

@NHG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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