Will Star Citizen ever come out

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@ocean An entire generation has come and gone and my hype for this game has kinda died out

I got hype for PC back in 2014 because of this game, and now a new generation is beginning and it's still not finished

@ocean @ocean i think it's time to face the facts -- elite: dangeorus won

@hoppet @ocean Personally....
I think none of them won
Elite is cool but it's not for me
No Man's Sky is even cooler as far as the game world goes but it's gameplay is bland and super unfun
Star Citizen never came out

Bethesda is working on a space RPG called Starfield, while it's not similar to these games it'll atleast be a big space game
We'll see how that turns out

@ocean i suspect starfield will be more like outer worlds but if i get to fly a spaceship in it i'll probably jump on the hype train

@ocean this is coming from someone who doesn't jump on many hype trains

@hoppet I'd personally rahter they just work on TES 6 and forget about space pew game but still

As far as hypé goes...
I'm wamma pley Cyberpank 2069

kinda negative 

@ocean i don't think i can bring myself to pirate let alone buy cyberpunk given how awful cdpr has been to both queer folks and their employees but i hope it's a good time for those who can

@hoppet None of the game companies are in the green as far as morality goes
I force myself to ignore that stuff because the end result of hyper-focusing on it would end you up being only able to play Super Tux Kart, OpenArena and Minetest

@ocean yeah everyone's got their own places to draw their lines

@ocean @hoppet don't forget Warmux!! :blobcatuwu:
or Neverball ! Or Enigma (the game with the black marble)
or World Of Padman
or ...
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