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Hello dear friends!
Let us go to the realm of games!
Please add me!

Xbox Live: OceanMew

Nintendo Switch Online: SW-5599-4209-9777

poorly drawn MS paint wigglytuff pic I drew like 6 years ago lol

Still thinking bacc to that time I was in my friends car and we were blasting Aphex Twin and it was so HD because of the sound system in the car it was like a religious experience

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Do you drink soda?

Another nice lil Gears of War sesh with @esheep
We somehow managed to beat a very hard horde with a team of extremely low level players
It was fun!!!!!!!

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Do any of you guys have that picture of the dumpster with "I love you bitch" spray painted on it?
I saw it on Fedi probably about a year ago and I need to see it again

We can be pro fortnite gamers..........

NES games have become like the "classical art" of the video game world these days

Foxes are cute
One of the highest tier animals 🦊

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Had this mega memey fight last night and laughed outloud when it happened

Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now is a serious jam I mean it's a damn good song just listen to it

I'm meming about it now but you know imitation coffee is gonna be a reality soon right

Miss the days back in High School when I'd be able to jump on Xbox Live and play video games online with all my friends so easily.
We were working 40 hour weeks back then, as lots of them are now too

The difference is that we worked the same hours, now that the hours are offset I almost never play video games online with friends anymore

You probably want to charge up your cell phone don't you
*holds up charger*
Well too bad
*spikes charger into the ground*

This is how I feel about the lack of charging stations in public places lol

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