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Hello dear friends!!!!
Wouldn't you like to explore the gaming realm with Oshie?
Please add me~! 🎮

Xbox Live: OceanMew
Fortnite: OceanMew

Dabbing is now at the perfect age where it's cringe enough for me to use it

Mad fuckin props to Mastodon though, the Twitter feed is confusing and weird as hell

Oshie caved and made a twitter account.
You know you wanna be my first follower

Hansy throwing mad shade at American Express tbh

Is installing Telegram worth it?
Do lots of pals here use it?

It's a cofe kind of morning ☕
(every morning is a cofe morning)

I finally beat my Fortnite snipe distance record..
272 meters!!!!!!!!!!!

The DMR is just unreal this season, and it was a very lucky shot and I got the guy when he was being still but it's still a really far shot!

Even scoped in you can barely see the dude!

And of course I danced on him

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Got my best snipe in Fortnite ever today
253 Meters!
I've never even seen the "IMPOSSIBLE SHOT" popup before
*excited Osh noises*

Gonna upload a Fortnite montage of my best kills but it's in 240p and playing Let the Bodies Hit the Floor in 32 KBPS and it's peaking

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Like two days ago I scored this goal that tied us as the clock hit 0:00

picture perfect moment

Dude can you turn off your router when I come over?
I'm allergic to wifi

Nice Fall Guys sesh with sheep

They should add 2B to Fortnite, that'd be a fuckin sick skin

When will we get our opensource/freesoftware Fortnite clone. I wanna be cranking 90s with a tux skin

One of my besties was blasting björk in the car when we were hanging out and now I'm a fuckin björk listener, sitting here just björking out björking it up, maybe even going björkmode

Mew mew Dino Eggie for chew

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