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Hello dear friends!
Let us go to the realm of games!
Please add me!

Xbox Live: OceanMew

Nintendo Switch Online: SW-5599-4209-9777

Happy Autumn too all of you...e

🎃 🍂 🍬 🧹 🎃

Yeah everynyan tune into Tlappie's stream
Today I have work so won't be there! Make sure to say "MEW MEW" in my memory!

Can we have a little Windchime appreciation thread

I have this endless feeling like "omg I should get a new computer" because I have a decade old CPU in my desktop but in reality nothing I do really needs more power and it does everything I need to but I still kinda want one of those sick Ryzen builds that are actually upgradable instead of being on prehistoric FX chipset.

When will they bring Fortnite to Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii.............

Fortnite Skin Idea: make a skin of the dude from Captain Beefheart's Trout Mask Replica album cover

I'd pay 50$ for this skin.

"Ocean looks like a pro gamer fish" - Tlappy 2021

>Diablo II: Resurrected Evil Has Survived

Yeah "Evil HAS survived" and it's name is fucking Blizzard

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Thank you @ocean for blessing my timeline with good vibes ! Here's your tiny mewlet-self enjoying her pizza

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Petition to change the small Shield Potions to Bud Lite in Fortnite for one day

It's the last full day of summer my dudes 🌅 🏝️

You know you wanna play Fortnite with me....right now....

Every single post I've made today contains the string "mew mew" including this one because I had to type it to explain what I meant

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