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Hello dear friends!
Let us go to the realm of games!
Please add me!

Xbox Live: OceanMew

Nintendo Switch Online: SW-5599-4209-9777

Another day another chance to listen to more stacc

This song is my most recent "hit the replay button 15 times" jam

Really pretty music video too 🌈

I love Higurashi so much...
It's spooky...and exciting....and the mystery...
And it's set in 1983............

I need more!

Ok memes aside why do they print the numbers on credit/debit cards

Isn't that like a massive security risk?
Why not just give you a paper with the numbers in the package with the card when you get it?

Ultimate combo of products:

Fingerless gloves
And those lil finger tip gloves you put on the tips of your fingers.

With these two products combined....
Who knows what would be possible.

Dropped my new watch and chipped the side of it smally

Sad mewlet moment……….

@ocean Thank you for making my day, have a neko Lum that I've just drawn for you !
Keep the good vibes uwu

I actually have more total hours of anime watch time than I work at my job in a full year.

Just left my fridge open for like 2 hours woops hehe....

They say "The best Defense is a Good Offense" and thats because the best way to De-Fence your yard is to take Off the Fence

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