The taste of cold, sugarless tea 😬

I find myself more at peace by helping us vs helping myself 🤔

Overall I actually like myself. Despite everything’s they’re going on, I’ve been coping.

You’re doing great, me!

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feeling bad about myself is such a first world problem

Have you used your phone in the toilet in the last 7 days?

You can either be:
- So close to someone yet so far away
- So close yet so far away from someone

I'm not sure which one is more heartbreaking. 😔

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Remember when "posts" were "toots"?

Good times :3

Might fuck around and boost some posts 👀

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Also the end of this week's episode of The Boys was unexpected 😯

If I ever got cancelled, what do you think I'd be cancelled for?

They just won't leave tom clancy alone bruhh

Firefox has been crashing for me quite a bit lately. I guess it can't keep its flames under control :/

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“It’s not just a gaming system, you can watch your makeup vids too. Realistically it’s our PS5, you said I’ve been going out too much anyway. This way I’ll stay home.”
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A cool community, I guess.