After using a 4K monitor, everything feels too small. Uh oh

I’m gonna be so PISSED if RAG doesn’t finish by chapter 200.

Mami needs to hurry up with her plan already 😩!

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How ironic, how the tables have turned. Now the hunter has become the hunted. The mouse has become the cat. The basement has become the attic. The appetizer has become the dessert. The stereo sound system has become I've rather lost the thread of this, haven't I? I'd better start over.

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Hey, I urgently need to move to #berlin, and my flat arrangement just fell through, so I'm looking for a room. Ideally:

- lease at least until July
- with Anmeldung
- near Görlitzer Park (Kreuzberg)
- with lovely people

But I literally need to move in within 10 days, so I'll take anything. LMK if you/someone you know is looking for a mostly quiet, mostly clean, mostly vegan flatmate.

WiFi: 😔
Ethernet: 😏
Satellite: 😩

How are your experiences with computer glasses?

Alternate universes be like: Eye-phone 👁 and Anne-droid 🤖

SEGA Forever games hit different 😳


There’s gotta be a time where we recite the Alphabet in this instance 🤔

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That bottom navigation is just killing the whole design :/

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Important Poll

*takes shower*
*leaves shower*
*checks phone*

Phone: “Friday 18 February 2022”

With all these anime pfps, sometimes I forget that you all are real people 😳

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