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facebook or something told me about an article about cold brewing in an aeropress and
uhh yeah this tastes like cold coffee though less bitter

co pisze programista czytników RSS na portalu ogłoszeniowym? 

sprzedam OPMLa

idk for sure but it feels like yunohost enforces one-admin-operation-at-a-time at server request processing level lmao

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food. mh- 

i think it's cool that aside from a "classic" diet they also have a "hashimoto" diet and a "vege" diet and even more but

i think the "depression" diet could be more effective if they left the "(depression 2500kcal)" suffix out of all the recipe titles idk

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looked at govt's healthcare app's diet module (just randomly thought about it because i uninstalled the covid exposure notifs app after they shut the servers down)
it suggests i eat beets for 3 out of 5 meals today, twice in a smoothie and once as beets fries

tomorrow i will get a proper microsd card with a million bajillion iops
and i guess i will use a full sized pi 3b+ instead

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@zhuowei realized that, to be frank, i don't recognize you on fedi without the qr code profile pic

webtoon has a small anthology for asian pacific american heritage month sponsored by mcdonald's and
why did it have be sponsored by mcdonald's like mcdonald's what are you doing on webtoon are you a sibling of wcdonald's perhaps

y'all don't even notice catgirls anymore smh what has fedi come to

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@tlapka omg just checking that permanent chernobog and damn shaw is so absurdly powerful up there

while there i grabbed a programme booklet for a documentary festival and omg omg look at the cover image for this one

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went with friend to see "memoria" and he and i agree that it can't be called a bad film but also we are both very confused

(it would all fall on its face because people can't even be expected to thread their threads sometimes)

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can you picture this, clientside threaded subposts

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you know what activitystreams vocabulary is lacking?

a subpostOf property so you can figure out what the heck someone is referring to

status update: i told it to install something and now it's swapping heavily
i do not question pi 02w's raison d'etre but i'm starting to feel like 512mb ram devices probably need a custom built distro optimized for not using ram

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trochę śmiesznie jak daleko poszła dekomunizacja w polsce, lekarze nie mogą mieć spotkania "rady" tylko to się nazywa "konsylium"

discovered side effect is that our upc router is completely fine with being told to forward port 80 over upnp which means it's probably also gonna be fine if i do it manually
i once did that on a dlink router and locked myself out of admin panel

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there exists yunohost beta that can be installed on raspbian bullseye
which leads me to
yooooo what, yunohost uses upnp to forward the ports by default, and that means exposing ssh

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good morning to everyone except a child on a kick scooter outside imitating the humming noise of an electric kick scooter

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