making a public post just to see if a thing works don't mind me

@izaya phoronix has been running benchmarks under asahi linux and comparing macs to ryzens

bad news the person on nixos arm matrix channel was ranty about how rpi boards are fucked

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good news turns out that once you replace kernel nixos on rpi400 boots and has working ethernet

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i'm still ruining my raspi so my instance is down

there's a shogi romcom anime this season and the protagonist's flirting game is about as good as fedi's

fyi i'm gonna assume is a powerful enough fedi instance that i can consider it my main

"belle" spoilers 

y'all be like "how tf 10yo child streams his room to youtube" when there are 5yos scrolling tiktok ad nauseam

i should actually just figure out what makes libreelec so good at playing h265 on pi400 and somehow force nixos to replicate that

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side note: i think i would like to see a ping tool with a text UI kinda like in old windows defrag tool like you get a square for each ping sent and it fills when a response is received and maybe the colour depends on latency idk

i think i will have to buy another raspberry pi again because no 1gb ram is not enough for the amount of stuff i'm putting there

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i wanted to install a photo gallery app on my yunohost and now it's swapping to hell and back

@robert_wolniak are the devs some sort of homm runaways or new folks?

@trwnh a ddyd and it ddyd not get me a reply from you from my perspective

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