crying in "docker i have installed on libreelec is 32-bit arm so misskey doesn't build"

Error: Command failed with exit code 1: yarn install

decided to try to replace docker with an arm64 version and now angry because libreelec apparently had to patch it to not demand to mkdir /etc/docker because / is a readonly squashfs on libreelec

obviously the computationally cheapest solution here would be to uhh
run docker in a fucking separate mount namespace idk

the actually good solution would be to figure out why nixos doesn't see the network interface on pi400 (wild guess: device tree) and just run the right kernel and the right kodi on nixos

i bet the nixos problem is magically fixable by just using unstable image and i should've done that from the start

nixos unstable didn't boot maybe the sd card is broken

i'm just gonna drop yunohost on a raspi yo

yunohost for raspi is 32bit raspbian, no thanks

there exists yunohost beta that can be installed on raspbian bullseye
which leads me to
yooooo what, yunohost uses upnp to forward the ports by default, and that means exposing ssh

discovered side effect is that our upc router is completely fine with being told to forward port 80 over upnp which means it's probably also gonna be fine if i do it manually
i once did that on a dlink router and locked myself out of admin panel

status update: i told it to install something and now it's swapping heavily
i do not question pi 02w's raison d'etre but i'm starting to feel like 512mb ram devices probably need a custom built distro optimized for not using ram

tomorrow i will get a proper microsd card with a million bajillion iops
and i guess i will use a full sized pi 3b+ instead

idk for sure but it feels like yunohost enforces one-admin-operation-at-a-time at server request processing level lmao


just realized i now have an xmpp account again because of this, smh
anyone wanna see if i messed up the config or not

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@trwnh a ddyd and it ddyd not get me a reply from you from my perspective michcioperz at but if you didn't receive the friend invite that might mean it just won't work

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