Same! (Game is "Touhou Genso Wanderer Reloaded" for the Nintendo Switch)

Update: I wanted to replace the backplate of the Switch Tablet itself too, but the head of one of the screws in the joycon rails (?) on the side is totally ruined and I can not get it out anymore ;_; That was supposed to be the easiest part.

Any tips/tricks what I could do?

(I looked for screw extractor and found one from ifixit, but in the comments somebody mentioned that they had the same issue with their switch as me and that it didnt work for them ._. At least I am not alone ;_;)

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Swapped the joycon shells. Took me way too much time (and a few tears :blobcatUpsideDown:) but in the end i managed to do it :3

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i really should post more stuff, but idk what ;_;

I recently got a user HTC Vive from eBay and I am surprised how well it works on Linux, it worked literally out of the box.

So far I tested:
Vivecraft (VR mod for Minecraft Java)

Every game so far worked almost immediately. BeatSaber gave me a cracking sound, but adjusting a few lines in the pulseaudio-config files fixed it.

I also started Portal Stories:VR, but stopped playing once I realised that I cant get far with only a single lighouse (I have two, but didnt install the second one so far)

Something that is annoying is that I need to use my phone to turn the lighthouse on and off. There is also a script that you can run on your computer, but so far I thought using an android app is easier.

Btw my hardware is very bad, but for the few small games it was enough. But I wont have fun with it if I try to play Half Life Alyx or Boneworks with it.

Intel i5-6600 @ 3.30GHz x 4
AMD Radeon RX 460
16GB DDR3 Ram

If the GPU market wasnt so bad right now I would prob try to upgrade to a better AMD GPU right now.

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