@sir Serenity Browser will save us all.

OST's I keep coming back to because they are too epic

- Psycho Pass
- Alicization
- Steins;Gate
- Dr. Stone

Foot pic 

@sir aaaaaaaaaah

@hoppet wait you arent supposed to have caffeine?

@icedquinn that's what landlords are for. They will always notice your absence, as your rent payment will be delayed.

@AzureWolf without the images it's a single shell command lol

@rxn if all the good people were close to each other, they would be affected by the same things and become easy to destroy.

The universe is just distributing them around for High Availability.

@shadowfacts you can use weechat or emacs to connect to slack I think. That's one UI that won't change under you.

@roobre if you allocate the same kind of structures a lot, a best-fit or first-fit allocator with a linked list should be easy to make. But that all depends on what kind of application it is.

Your work sounds very interesting btw.

@roobre nice! It's so fun to implement memory allocators. I like trying different strategies in kernels.

Can you share the code or is it for work?

@mune learn japanese so you can follow anime at work :blobcatCheer:

Alicization spoliers 

Damn, Kirito finally woke up from his slumber with what looks like maxed stats.

Also Eugeo <3

@ocean just use OpenAI Jukebox to make songs out of things you want to remember


@sir god dammit who is "parsing" HTML again?

question for people that aren't dyslexic 

@hoppet didn't have any difficulty with it. Just called my left hand "Left" and my right hand "Right" and it stuck.

When I'm thinking which way is left or right I still refer to my hands internally.

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JP nekoma

*⟨ni1a-ko1ma⟩ → ⟨ne1ko1ma⟩ → /nekoma/

From Old Japanese. Originally a compound of にゃ (nya, “onomatopoeia for the sound a cat makes (compare English mew, meow)”) +‎ こま (koma, “four-legged animal”).

Obsolete; replaced by shorter form neko in modern Japanese.

@roobre depending on your memory needs, you can probably make a custom malloc/free using only their malloc

Is the JoJo live action movie any good?

Talking about the Diamond is Unbreakable adaptation.


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