@louis I'm pretty sure the response you get for the feed, or the one before that, has links to various things including the profile. Just play around with the responses using curl and jq and you'll find it.

@louis ok so you want the resource with the type "application/activity+json".

@louis if you are starting from a user@host.com kind of identifier, you will need to do a WebFinger lookup first, and then fetch the JSON for the user profile. I imagine you found me through the blog post about ActivityPub, are those steps no longer working?

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JP nekoma

*⟨ni1a-ko1ma⟩ → ⟨ne1ko1ma⟩ → /nekoma/

From Old Japanese. Originally a compound of にゃ (nya, “onomatopoeia for the sound a cat makes (compare English mew, meow)”) +‎ こま (koma, “four-legged animal”).

Obsolete; replaced by shorter form neko in modern Japanese.


It's pronounced ʁaʁyʁe. And written RaRuRe, or R3 for short.
You can find more infos on this place by clicking there.