OST's I keep coming back to because they are too epic

- Psycho Pass
- Alicization
- Steins;Gate
- Dr. Stone

Alicization spoliers 

Damn, Kirito finally woke up from his slumber with what looks like maxed stats.

Also Eugeo <3

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JP nekoma

*⟨ni1a-ko1ma⟩ → ⟨ne1ko1ma⟩ → /nekoma/

From Old Japanese. Originally a compound of にゃ (nya, “onomatopoeia for the sound a cat makes (compare English mew, meow)”) +‎ こま (koma, “four-legged animal”).

Obsolete; replaced by shorter form neko in modern Japanese.

Is the JoJo live action movie any good?

Talking about the Diamond is Unbreakable adaptation.


Is there a good solution for blogging on the phone? I have the Markor app for markdown notes, but I'm wondering if there are better options.

Kinda want to implement the Wordpress API so I can use their app. Is that open source?

I wonder if mbox files fetched over HTTP would be a good RSS alternative

The name of RaRuRe reminds me of the Kakyoin cherry scene

Looks like my migration to a new instance went well. All of my followers aside from 15 made it.

Time to set up all the scripts with the new oauth key.


A cool community, I guess.