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hello welcome to the katka profile

content warnings: coffee, genshin impact, counter strike, dota 2, crusty film photos

does alphinaud just stay just outside the solar listening in just so he can cinematically burst in at the most opportune moment

I wonder if this invoice will even get paid before I file the next one

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tbh i feel bad as heck even though everything is going fine enough

How do u have the audacity to ask me to do anything when you're not paying me in a prompt manner tbh

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I guess I'm actually really mad about the late payments

After staring into my 1080p monitor a lot looking at a 4k tv that's twice as big but probably has a higher pixel density sure hits different

ok so confirmed that money for last month will not arrive this month

if anyone ever gives me shit for not being "productive enough" im telling them to fuck off

the very funny thing about japanese is that some words can be very rude or very polite

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