I think I'll try to move all my gaming (and maybe music?) posting here because I didn't like it being hidden away on a locked account

ok i think i followed everyone from the local tl who seemed like they wouldn't mind


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New rarure friends? can i tlap them?

katka cooking dinner... she eat half the slanina befores she even starts...

I'm not sure if farming/life sim games are very Katka (there isn't a lot of shooting) but Rune Factory is fun so far...

Do you have a catgirl oc or are you neurotypical

maybe one day i'll be able to tlap the music keyboard to make music come out too...

You've heard of spaghetti code? Now get ready for tangled yarn code

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I tlap the keyboard and code comes out
You can't explain that

Tlapa likes osakana i like ochicken

I would never play with yarn. That's for baby cats. I'm a mature and respected feline. I only drink 30% smetana and- WAIT IS THAT A LASER POINTER LET ME TLAP IT

Can I get 30 chicken strips from the kfc factory

Honestly quite looking forward to World's Edge being back in the rotation

If Katka is short for KateΕ™ina is Tlapka short for TlapeΕ™ina πŸ€” πŸ€” πŸ€”

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A cool community, I guess.