The Toot app is so wonderful compared to the stock Mastodon app - and I think it’s specifically _because_ it’s not cloning the Twitter app UI. The conversation flows are so nice!

My Fedi timeline has multitudes more visible users posting compared to my Tumblr feed with hundreds followed and that’s pretty wacky to think about

nVidia open sourcing their drivers really has me running around my house pumping my fists like my team just won the fucking Super Bowl. This is so important and so absolutely magical. I wish I knew who were behind this decision - because they've made such an incredible impact on the evolution of Linux desktop share.

Playing indie games like Franken RPG really inspires me to get back into designing fun little joke games, but the last engine I used in full was Game Maker 7 so it’s been A LITTLE BIT of time

Things better than sex: paying for economy seats and having no neighbors in your row whatsoever

Being drunk on a plane is a beautiful thing :blobcatHeartHug:

I love the visualization of drinking beer like a juice box - these blob emotes rule

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Flight delayed, lounge that’s complimentary is closed, I guess it’s just beer and JRPG time :blobcatSipSmile:

In pro wrestling it has felt weird for the longest, but cheering at idol events seems second nature! Very interested to see how things will change once cheering is allowed again in Japan

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Watching a replay of the idolmaster shiny colors live - Crowd discipline in Japan with no cheering being allowed being so consistent still impressed me

Just got shown this album by a friend - If you're looking for jazzy 2AM music it's wonderful!

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