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>sees mericans defending the British Royalty

Our founding fathers would have absolute contempt towards you people

In politics, it's one thing to criticize and disagree intensely.
It's another to completely cut ties.
Better to cooperate with those who are more willing to change their mind to your ideals than to isolate yourself and become weaker.

Removing blockers to new housing and painting bike lanes are actually the easy first steps. Adopting housing first policies, building social housing, and giving construction priority to transit and biking infrastructure is the difficult final steps to forming a quality city

⚠️ PSA Kiwifarms going down 

If indeed kiwifarms is going to be down for good, please understand that y'all should expect a TON of new activity in the fediverse. We've seen it with other sites and this is no different. If you're an admin be prepared for adding new domain blocks, if you're a user do not shy away from reporting and please consider enabling follow requests and disable DMs from non-mutuals.

I know this feels like an overreaction, but better safe than sorry. 🖤

Plenty of parking along the street, but this one Lyft driver decided to park at the bus stop. Come on dude

Instead of saying "problematic" programmers would criticize something as "considered harmful"

Toddler proofed my house for my nephew’s visit. He’s gonna be curious and rummage through things, so might as well place toys he can safely play with (and wreck havoc upon)

Just as you are unaware of the majority of your ancestors, you and everyone you know will be forgotten by your descendants. Those people in the past lived just as close and intimate lives as your family does now. We are all destined to be forgotten, but in this moment, here and now, you live not only for yourself, but for those who you remember.

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