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My bottle of scotch is a good test to see if I got my smell back, but maybe it's best if I mentally prepare myself now that I may never get my smell/taste back. Fuck COVID man

This is like that Twilight Zone episode with the guy and his books and his glasses breaking. Except it's me and food and my nose and tongue fall off

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Welp, I’ve reached the “lost my sense of smell/taste” part of COVID. Fuck everything :blobcatCry:

Seeing this adorable illustration in Realm of Racket immediately reminded me of the cat marching video

I’m never going to a COVID testing facility ever again. Fucking mental a healthcare provider would have people, who think they have COVID, stand around maskless in a shared space like that. I’m testing from home from now on

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I developed a cough yesterday. 6 days ago I was at a COVID testing facility where I had to self-provide samples in a giant tent. The stalls were separated, but the fabric walls didn’t extend to the roof. Air was definitely traveling between us inside the tent. The stall next to me had a kid coughing relentlessly. The fucking irony

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TIL that Keanu Reeves portrayed the Buddha

This is as confounding of a casting as Reeves in Dracula

When Republicans get elected into local or federal offices, they actively hurt Trans kids

LA has one of the most hostile transit line in the world: the green line. Where the stations are surrounded by deafening freeways

Kaiba spoiler 

Finished Kaiba and even tho it was a unique anime that defied tropes, it suffered from the single cour curse: rushed ending and using a world ending instrumentality as a crutch for a grand conclusion. Regardless, I still think this anime is underrated and deserves more views

Of course I see a new train go right past by me in the opposite direction

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BART still running their old ass trains. When will they finish their retirement?

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