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KPP is performing at Second Sky. Well fuck, guess I'm going again this year lol

Just make a site that adds cat ears to your pfp and then you can download it. Problem solved

No joke, advocating for YIMBY shit locally has been the only progressive movement I’ve felt there’s been the most progress on and that’s a very low bar btw

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Boomers won’t cancel our student debt, so we’re gonna fill their streets with bus & bike lanes and their neighborhoods with apartments.

I got one thing to point out to this whole pessimistic anti-voting rhetoric on social: if you want a revolution, you're not gonna get far when the seat of power is just handed off to the fascists.

Voting is a prerequisite to other forms of political action. You're putting yourself in a disadvantage by dissuading your side from even participating in the sole method of gaining power.

8 min into the DIY abortion pill video and the guy brings up horse powder. Once again the 'merican nightmare continues

Man learning #guitar for first time, shows off his progress after three months of self-teaching without any outside help nor material

Here’s a later attempt! Also not quite what I was going for but I like it a lot! It gives me retro magazine print vibes :eyethink:

#MastoArt #Art

reposting this on this account lol but I forced myself to draw a lil sumthin.. it’s a design I made several years ago but I liked the colors,

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