Order your government Covid tests so that people (your government) know that you like having that.

And so that you can test yourselves more frequently. 👍🏿

Best part of the government tests is that they're free!

By "free," I mean you already paid for them with taxes. They're free the same way that my kid asks me if I want a cookie. If I say yes, she points to my own cupboard that she can't reach and says, "They're in there! Get 2?"

Was also not expecting him to open up about a Trans family member

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Was not expecting samples of Eckhart Tolle on here. Kendrick is gonna make him the next Alan Watts in regards to random clips of a European lecturer of eastern philosophy appearing in songs

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The hype is real, this new Kendrick Lamar album is unreal

@mrjunge My watch group has only seen the first two episodes, so my progress is gonna be slow 😅, but man is it great

This video reminded me of my week in NYC. I kept closing my fitness rings every day I was there from commuting by subway and by foot. It was impossible not to!


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