"Joe Rogan is center."

Well shit he sure keeps himself in good company as an enlightened centrist

@epsi all these big hacks always boil down to social engineering. Even our security training admits this

@iiogama I’m an over thinker tho, I don’t think I’ll ever go too high without anxiety being induced

The tolerance of the modern pothead is astronomical if they think 5mg is "low dosage." A quarter of that edible was what it took for me to have a comfortable high for once.

If you’re a programmer and you don’t see the problem with cars, I cannot trust you to engineer a scalable architecture

@bartholin it takes magnitudes of higher resource to process the plants into the birds and then the birds into the nuggies. If cutting out the bird in that process results in using more resources, we're doing something wrong.

There’s no reason why vegan chicken nuggets can’t be cheaper and of higher quantity than regular nuggets. Meat protein takes way more resources to produce than plant protein

"We've been together 1 and a half years"
"Not everything has to be an argument. Why must you make everything an argument?"

Oh how badly I want to shout, "leave her! She's toxic!" lol, but nah, that's just hella rude

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One funny thing about having your windows face the alley is people think it's a private place to have intimate arguments at. I'm forced to overhear other people's drama

From my usuals sources of news, Democracy Now has been the only one to not pull a both-side-ism on the attack on Armenia democracynow.org/2022/9/22/rou

Damn, so close to a royal flush, but I won $23 at the Las Vegas airport lol

Like seriously, of all the bird noises, owls are the easiest to mimic. Fake ass sounding hoes

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