I grew up in a walkable neighborhood in LA. As a kid I was free to play outside, socialize with the neighborhood kids, and even walk/bike (on the sidewalk since no bike lanes) on over to nearby shops on my own. It was very much beneficial to my upbringing to be independent. It's so sad to see how car-centric planning has robbed children of such a freedom

· · Web · 3 · 2 · 1 Bigly true, having a childhood in a car-centric community must suck...

@ilovecomputers I'm stuck in a suburb even now and I'm an adult... this summer vacation sucks

@ilovecomputers kinda why ig I've been so miserable this summer... stuck at home w no car

@pry that’s how I felt when I used to live in Orange County. Suburbia is a prison

@ilovecomputers @pry Come to where I live and we can cycle as we please :blobcatUwu:

Well, there's no bike lanes but it's low population...there's nature trails... still kinda need a car cause no public transportation...

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