How unemployed are fedi fascists to continuously monitor the global feed to reply to every pol post that triggers them?

@ilovecomputers So I used to play ARK: Survival Evolved. On the official servers, there are "zerg tribes," with hundreds of members that control many servers, using cross-server item and creature transfer to invade and take over servers.

It turns out that, here in Australia, most of the people that make up zerg tribes live off centrelink and are quite literally unemployed. They'd spend 18 hours a day playing ARK - it's a complete fuckin timesink, but that's still a lot - and there were hundreds of them. Nobody with a life or with less than 100 tribemates could even consider standing up beyond guerilla warfare to them due to the sheer amount of manhours they could throw at the problem.
@ilovecomputers In this case they mostly didn't venture from the OC servers to the US or EU servers, but that wouldn't be the case where latency doesn't matter. That said, there seem to be less Australian crazies than American ones - mostly Australians are just uninformed.

Still, it's not out of the realm of possibility that you're arguing with NEETs that have nothing better to do.

@izaya but I never heard of Centrelink before. Seems a more efficient social program than whatever the mess the US has

@ilovecomputers pretty much everything everywhere else does is more efficient than late-stage capitalism: the country
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