thinkin about firing up an older (gba or older) fire emblem at some point does anyone have any recs

@hoppet Sacred Stones is basically my go-to rec for folks trying old fire emblem. It's NOT hard, but it's harder than, say, awakening. There's an infinitely repeatable dungeon you can grind levels in if you find yourself having trouble or just want to blitz through, but you don't HAVE to use it in which case it's still a rather forgiving fire emblem.

@swiff i play modern ones on the hardest difficulties so i'll probably skip the grinding haha

@hoppet My other suggestions are either Shadow Dragon or New Mystery of the Emblem. The former got translated officially, the latter didn't but has an excellent and easy to find fan translation.

They're remakes of the ORIGINAL fire emblems, the ones with Marth, and they're excellent, particularly new emblem. They also have fairly forgettable create a characters, they're fine if slightly dull, just don't expect them to be as well written as Robin and I think they're a cute addition

@swiff damn robin deserved a better fire emblem tbh

@hoppet I Respectfully do not comment as Awakening is my favorite lol

@swiff hmm maybe i should give it another chance some time... i did rather like all the characters

i married odin/owain in fates lol i'm a sucker for chuunis

@hoppet I admit that it falls short in a lot of ways but I have a ton of fondness for "entries in a franchise that Objectively saved the franchise"

Old school folks will argue it irreparably changed the heart of fire emblem and there's some merit there, but the fact is Fire Emblem, or at least its continuing to get localized international releases, would have ended with awakening if it hadn't sold so well.

I also just think Robin, Chrom, and Lucina are some of the best written MCs of the series, which sways me.

@swiff while the "main character with amnesia trope" is a bit annoying i absolutely love robin's attitude it's so good. i too wish to be the party's tactician

@swiff also like... fans can complain about changing the fundamental ways in which a game works but few series survive without doing new things so i dunno i tend to not care for those arguments

@hoppet I went with the portrait that made my dude!robin look older, more like Frederick's age, and it made every support where he was the long-suffering rational mind amidst this army of children EVEN MORE ENDEARING, he looked so tired all the time

@swiff after the really bleary three houses battlefields i really miss the crispness of awakening/fates

@swiff oh crap i didn't know i had sheep i needed to take care of!

@hoppet if you want something meatier than the gba games, geneology of the holy war always comes with high regards.

otherwise, 7 or 8, 7's probably best if you can get a save with all modes unlocked

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