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New Algorithm Breaks Speed Limit for Solving Linear Equations
Submitted by: ot; Score: 150

The Raspberry Pi 4 has a fan now – the Case Fan
Submitted by: geerlingguy; Score: 65

@hm If you feel comfy with only tmux then you don't have to force yourself using something else.
But I have to admit that a good IDE helps me a lot.
The only point is that I don't lose a bit of knowledge on how everything is connected, since my IDE is doing it for me

In photos: Washington state crews destroy first murder hornets nest in U.S.
Submitted by: cwwc; Score: 121

One of google's suggestions for "muay thai" is "is muay thai dangerous". Kind of hard to tell if literally kicking people in the face is dangerous or not I guess

@mrjunge If we are going to put kids through a torturuous experience just for the purpose of socialization, we should just make them do push ups and running and stuff 6 hours a day for 14 years instead of geometry and crap. It would still be soul sucking but at least you would have a top tier body at the end to show for it

They should price the new iphone at exactly the amount of the next covid stimulus check 😂

Every note taking startup is just ripping off org-mode

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